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Here is a story from this weekend

Was sitting at the lake, (well, we call it a lake but it’s actually a small pond), with a camera, taking photos of pond life and my mother sat close by with her crossword puzzle, glass of wine and pen.
Mom: “Four letters, starts with M, or could be W, philistine pursuits. What’s a Philistine?”
Me: “Derogatory term for someone who doesn’t understand art, intellectual concepts…”

Mom: “…someone from Palestine?”
Me: click click “not necessarily” click
Mom: “Do you ever hear it in conversation? …with normal people I mean?”
Me: “yes,” click
Mom: “In what context did you hear it then? …you’ll have 50 photos of the same thing if you keep this up.”
Me: click…putting camera down. “ I believe the person who used the word last was criticising another person’s taste in wine.”
Picking camera back up again.
Click click click…
… click
Mom: “well, that can’t be…”
Me: “why not?”
Mom: “they don’t drink wine in Palestine.”
Me: “hmm” …
click click click
So I’ve come to the conclusion that trying to photograph dragonflies with a Canon Rebel is virtually impossible.

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