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Knowing myself at the end of 2010

Funny how the close of one year and the beginning of another always prompts reflections of past times and intensions of times to come.
Somewhere between jetlag, work, snow and the general hectic holiday season I seem to have lost a day with the result that the 31st has snuck in out of nowhere, so I sit down somewhat late at the closing of this year to write down these words.

It’s taken me a while to grasp it all, but I think I have finally arrived at that grown-up place where life is what you make it and not all things we go through are easy, comfortable or ideal, but, looking at the state of the world, they could be so incredibly worse, and a simple life of comfort does nothing to change us or make us into better, stronger, more beautiful versions of ourselves.

Looking back over this past year, I’ve been reminded of the situations which have tripped me up and served to teach me just what I’m capable of. Perhaps it’s some sort of plan, this 2010 full of lows and discomforts and challenges, to push myself more towards new chapters in the story of my life.
This year has been extraordinary.
This year has been painful.
This year has been enlightening.
This year has felt mostly like I’m stuck in some sort of liminal space, on the threshold of something new.

Overall it was a good year, one which has shown me who I am.
I am capable and I believe they will be good chapters.
Happy new year everyone.

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