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Lately: Car port, Oxford, and lunch at The Vaults, plus video!

Hello everyone, It’s been quite the busy week round here. We’ve (when I say we, I mean Robert), have chopped down an apple tree. It was a hard decision to chop it down, mainly because it was such a hardy and healthy tree, but…

August 14, 2016
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hello from Sunday night, and a goodbye

Hi everyone! Well, what a surprise weekend. We have a new family member. Please meet Asher Neal Roth, my brand new grandson, baby Mega. As his wonderful mother Chantal says, Megababy decided he wanted to be a Pisces and not an Aries like he…

March 13, 2016
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Hello from Sunday night, the our little girls are here edition

Hello from over here on Sunday night everyone. We’ve had an amazing, fun, but tiring weekend. One wonderful bit of news is that Kerstie brought our little girls for a visit. Luckily the rain stayed away and we did a little gardening and a…

March 6, 2016
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The best granola and love poems for Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day guys. πŸ˜€ I hope you have the best day. I’ve had several of you ask about my super healthy granola recipe and so here it is, mixed up with three of my most favourite love poems, because, Valentines! Poem 1 is…

February 13, 2016
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A visit to historic Stewart farm

About an hour away from home, almost at the US border, is a little farm preserved since the 1800s. It’s now run as a little museum/photo/wedding/school trip/other venue. We were driving out in that direction for a car show and I remembered taking a…

September 7, 2015
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Opening up the cabin 2015

It’s time. It’s time to open the cabin for the year. All winter the cabin sits in a frozen valley 200km from the door of my city house. It’s still chilly up there, but the promise of spring is in the air. I took…

March 28, 2015
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Who’s a spoiled princess?

That would be me! And it’s not even Christmas any more. πŸ˜€ The other day I spied the first snowdrop in my garden. So I ran out, picked it, and put it on my bedside table inside the little ink bottle where I’ve forced…

January 27, 2015

Hello from Sunday night

Oh what full days we’re having! πŸ˜€ Robert and I even managed to fit in a day in Seattle. We went to visit a friend, to pick up some specialty car parts R had sent to our friend, and to visit the Museum of…

January 18, 2015
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Cancer. We’ll talk about it once and never mention it again.

It’s amazing how long one can stare at the screen. The words and stoicism for this post didn’t come till now and the terror still hasn’t stopped, and, mainly, coming to the decision to publish this at all, AT ALL, has been a long…

December 19, 2014
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Why is a woman like a hollyhock?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why I write this blog. A friend once said that it’s all nonsense. That my life…no-one’s life is like the pages of this blog, all sunshine and lovely images and happy outcomes. I think the words he…

July 31, 2013