Not much is foreign to me…this was a tough WordPress weekly photo challenge

I was thinking of the big picture, you know: country, language, customs, but it occurred to me that I couldn’t think of anything that felt foreign. The languages I could think of have some similarity to ones I speak, countries?…I probably was there already, and probably lived there too…except Easter Island and Micronesia, but I don’t have any photos of there…duh…so I looked closer to home and then it struck me.

My own sweet child!

Sometimes I ask Chloe to pose for me and some of the shots…OMG! (This is a rather tame one)

I look back at them and I don’t recognise my sweet, smiley girl.

To me this is foreign. This is scary foreign and just shows what a talented girl she is that she can make her persona completely disappear for the sake of my art.

Love you Clover, thanks for being my beautiful chameleon.
Thought about for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge…Foreign

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  1. Very interesting photo of C. Would like to know more of the why of this interesting photo.

    • Sabra, this photo is part of an elaborate day-long shoot I did with C, some of which she used to construct a second year uni project of a cultural criticism of women’s magazines. This image feels so foreign to me because C doesn’t drink alcohol, is agnostic and can’t keep the smile off her face…except when she’s working with me, and then there are so many giggles that I have to be quick to catch her at a momentary composure.

  2. Your daughter is beautiful. I love this intriguing photo.
    Jane Ann

    • Thank you Jane Ann; we think she is too, (but don’t let it go to her head…lol) Just kidding, she’s as sweet as she is lovely. :)

  3. Interesting idea, very lovely girl.

    • Thank you Indira; I just loved seeing the photos of the tigers on your site. Did you get to touch them? What a thrill that would be. :)

  4. I’ve enjoyed your contributions to the photo challenges … this one too. 😉

    • Thank you Elizabeth, I’m so glad we’re friends. I love visiting you and have really enjoyed reading all your posts. :)

  5. Very interesting shot!


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