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Office work

Hello my dears,
Well, I almost did it.
I almost completed all the Prague office work which I had to do.

My office work consisted of visiting four government offices for some document registration for my Czech…and therefore EU citizenship.
And one of these offices is only open Monday 12-5.

So happy-go-lucky me all fresh faced and cheerful set out this morning via train to Prague, then Metro, then tram and got to said office.

That all went well…I think.
As long as everyone else I have to deal with is ok with my birth papers everything should be fine…that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.
So, do you see the opera house over there in the distance? The dome shaped building?
My first office was just past that building. That was the one which didn’t open till noon.

And do you see Prague castle (Hradcany) in this photo?
My second stop was waaaayyy behind that and they were closed for their lunch break from 12:30 to 1:30.

So, with so much time to waste have in luxurious Gothicness on the streets of Prague, I decided not to take the tram, but to walk off those thunder thighs.
Now I take care to shoot some beautiful photos for you, but the reality of summer in Prague looks more like this!
One way across Charles’ Bridge…

…and the other way.
You should have seen this last Sunday!!!
Throngs and throngs of tourists and tour groups!

But I made it to Hradcany to have a second High Magistrate of Foreign Affairs certify my documents, only to be asked for a 100 crown Kelek stamp.
A what?
Oh, I get that at the post office, do I?
Where’s the nearest post office then?
Oh, all the way back down the hill at Charles’ Bridge you say?

You know what?
Prague is just a great big huge Stairmaster workout!
Hours and hours of stairs.
No wonder all the girls here have great, long legs.
But there’s always a choice:
The path up to the same place is gentler than the stairs but twice as long. You decide.
“Take the tram you silly girl!” you shout.
Yes, but, the tram doesn’t come here, so it’s a bit of a sideways track and three times as long and thru Hradcany…which means throngs of tourists and a guard scan before you enter. Kind of like a duck choosing between confit or l’orange.

So here are two views from offices today. (sigh)
I keep thinking that I could be somewhere visiting a beautiful castle, but some days must happen guys.

There we go. Second certification stamp plus Kolek stamp, plus everyone smiling about my documents, plus last of the three trips up and down these stairs!

Found the translation services, registered my Canadian documents for translation, and 4pm. Oh, wait, just realised I’ve only had a punnet of strawberries and a bottle of water all day.

Do I dare show you my tired self and the bags under my eyes?
Stuff’s real guys, stuff’s real.

So had a little stop in a street side cafe on St Wenceslas square for a bowl of chicken soup.

And some people watching.
Now this is a great way to keep your school girls together…day glow hair bows.

And in my view were: a lady in waiting, a nutty kid with a ball who kept trying to drum on it while running round like crazy, a silver statue man who was in the right place to be ignored most of the time, girls walking past with these sexy little tule skirts (note to self, get one!), and I think that might have been a Lady GaGa wannabe!

Anyway, ate my soup and got back to the train station for 5pm.

Look it all the sleeping, tired people! Yup, one of them is me.
Back to Prague tomorrow.

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  • Susan

    June 26, 2017

    This is hilarious! Congratulations. You will be the most fit visitor to Prague. Seems the process for getting your papers together is a project all by itself. Up and down those hills, multiple times, traversing the city, is better than any gym workout. Plus, enjoying all the sites while walking is way better than any gym environment. (You guessed it, I’m not a gym goer and more a gardener.) Sounds like you are very close to getting those citizen papers. As always, I love your photos. Susan

  • June 27, 2017

    Those pictures are familiar, I walked that very same route, but only downhill! We went uphill to Hradcany on a bus and had lunch overlooking the city, what a wonderful view. Congratulations on getting the papers you need.

  • June 27, 2017

    And I meant to say what a lovely picture of the windows by the stairs!

  • June 28, 2017

    Gosh I would love to be in offices looking out at those views! Absolutely beautiful!

  • July 2, 2017

    oh i want one of those tulle skirts too … size 10 please

  • July 4, 2017

    Oh dear one of those days! 🙂 love the photos of you V! Prague is such a beautiful city … thanks for sharing

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