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Well then…this is a life moment…isn’t it


Resort entertainment, a bizarre production

Last night, after supper, Robbie and I walked thru the resort and saw some people hanging ropes, testing laser lights and puffing out clouds of smoke from a smoke machine. And we thought, “A SHOW!” So we pulled up a chair and waited. We…

November 27, 2016

A lovely day full of art

For me there’s nothing like a day making art. And on this rainy day, the warmth of my dining room was the perfect place. Some friends were coming over to make their own therapy journal, so I gathered our supplies, grabbed a box of…

November 13, 2016

Wellness, what to do when you just need quiet

Our lives are so lived out loud, don’t you think so? I’ve been thinking about this lately. What do I do first thing in the morning when I wake up? I turn on my phone pretending like i want to see what time it…

November 8, 2016

A sanity break at Lighthouse Park

There is a lovely park near me at Point Atkinson in West Vancouver. Lighthouse Park. There’s a storybook lighthouse… …and a little home for the lighthouse keeper… …and a little, well tended veggie garden. It’s such a lovely, bucolic spot to visit and take…

November 4, 2016

Wellness, Mediation, the mind-body link

Hi everyone, Now that I’ve given you an introduction and now that we’re all trying not to step on landmines, I wanted to talk to you about an important aspect of wellness and that is the mind-body link which is achieved in meditation. This…

October 15, 2016
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Visiting William Morris at Kelmscott Manor, plus video

I love it when my friend Elaine calls and says, “Are you free Wednesday next at about a quarter past one, dahling?” I love it because I know she’s planning a surprise for me. In the past she’s taken me to Charlecote Park, Seizincote…

August 4, 2016
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A beautiful vintage wedding

My daughter Kerstin has had a dream for a few years now. She wanted to launch a vintage rental business and cater to special occasions. Today, after much planning, headaches and even some grinding of teeth, she staged her first vintage wedding. This was…

July 2, 2016
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Patrice’s Art Challenge: Blue

Patrice’s art challenge: blue, was a fascinating study for me. Because, you see, it was my depressed mood that the blue all revolved around. So a little not so good news from my doctor, (nothing serious, and I’m probably making way too big a…

June 11, 2016