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Well then…this is a life moment…isn’t it

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And now for something completely different: The Medusa

I just have to tell you about something. Monday was the most exciting day! Robert started the Medusa! For those of you who don’t know what the Medusa is, I have to explain a little. To me, Robert is part genius, part mad scientist,…

July 29, 2015
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My birthday and RBG Kew

First I wanted to say thank you so much to everyone, over 100 of my friends, for wishing me a Happy Birthday yesterday on my Facebook. I’m absolutely overwhelmed with the outpouring of love. Thank you my friends. I treasure each and every one…

July 14, 2015
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Visiting the bird sanctuary on the last day of spring

As luck would have it, C and I had to drive clear across town to the nearest Apple store so she could buy a replacement charger for her Mac. And, as luck would have it, it was a beautiful, sunny, balmy day, and to…

June 20, 2015
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Chloe’s convocation ceremony! How proud are we?

So she made it! After four hard years and a killer internship, and a two season wait for the next ceremony, our smiley girl got to walk across the stage, shake hands with the University president, then the dean, then a great, warm hug…

June 1, 2015
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A surprise lake, which we will keep a secret

Chloe and I seem to have developed a ritual of finding out of the way fabulous places, which usually contain lakes, like last year’s treasure. This trip we followed a river off the highway just for fun, then turned right at a ground hog…

May 26, 2015
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Got out of town; to the Okanagan

Got out of town! Chloe and I headed out of the city, 500 km away, over the West Coast mountains, away from the rain, the wet, into the semiarid, to the Okanagan, to visit my daughter Kerstin and her family. I used to live…

May 23, 2015
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Doing everything right

Today was one of those do everything right days. Do you have those days? Do you know what I mean? It’s one of those days you imagine having in your mind, you know, those kinds of days you know that you should strive to…

May 6, 2015
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A country seed swap in a hundred year old barn

Inspiration abounds! I found a barn built in 1911, next to a beautiful house, in the middle of fields and stream, with a garden show and seed swap taking place inside, and a golden eagle in the trees outside watching over the proceedings. How…

February 21, 2015