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round here

If I could live in perpetual autumn I would. Round here doors are open wide to the warmth, sheets are dried in the afternoon sun and suppers are served late. Right now I’m sitting at my outdoor table and Morgan has come to see what I’m up to.

I hope this lovely late summer weather is here to stay.

I love it. I love it.

There are tons of cherry tomatoes in the garden, sun-warmed, bursting; we can’t keep up with the harvest. I bought a nice fresh celeriac and I’m going to make some lovely celery root salad to stuff those cherry tomatoes with.

I remember having that salad in France, in Annecy, sitting at the shore of Lake Geneva, watching the swans float by. Warm tomatoes and this yummy salad always bring me back there.

The maples in the shade garden are slowly dropping leaves. Crisp and dry under foot, soon they will blanket the garden and put the ferns to bed and help feed the rhodos and next spring’s snowdrops and bluebells.

There are loads of asters in the garden. The dry Vancouver summer has really helped them thrive. My brilliant plan worked. This spring I planted fifteen stargazer lilies in the east garden under my bedroom and at night the fragrance seeps in thru the open window. Their sweet perfume is so lovely and, inside, one stargazer lily in the middle of a vase of garden flowers perfumes the whole house.

Did I say I love it?

I do.

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  • Frank Gasch

    September 17, 2012


  • Catherine Llewellyn

    September 17, 2012

    Veronica I seem to be getting into the habit of looking for your blog updates in the morning before I start work – today suddenly we have brilliant sunshine here, the sky is blue and Jet is contentedly lying with the very tip of his tail over the corner of the keyboard, twitching once in a while to remind me he’s more important and beautiful than anything I might be typing X

  • September 18, 2012

    Wish that I could say the same. It’s about 85 and muggy. Your photos perfectly captured that wonderful autumn light. I love it too. Thank you for bringing me a little autumn bliss in the topics 🙂

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