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Our little girls are here!

How lucky are we? Kerstie and Adam brought our little girls for a weekend visit. Chloe and I did a quick visit to the local thrift stores and bought a ton of art and craft supplies for some ridiculously small amount of money… And…

February 6, 2016
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Starting something new

Hi everyone, I’m starting something new today. I’ve said this before but I’m pretty excited because the course I signed up for is starting tomorrow. I’ve never taken a live, on-line course before and so am curious to see what this experience will feel…

January 18, 2016
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These days

Whew! That’s all I have to say. It’s been a bit of a shock to the system getting back to the city and Pacific time. It’s also been a few days of a steamroller of emotions, which are just now staring to calm down,…

January 13, 2016
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We’re pretty like we mean it!

I was having a wonderful, luxurious bubble bath this morning, when micro T decided to accidentally fall in! Oh Theo! Well, we did our best to towel him off and then he spent several minutes trying to walk while simultaneously shaking his back paws…

January 4, 2016
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On this last day of 2015

I had this inexplicable desire, on this last day of 2015, to visit the stone henge next door. In our neighbouring village of Stanton Harcourt is an ancient stone henge I’ve written about before right here. On this last day of 2015, it seemed…

December 31, 2015
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We wish you a calm and lovely Christmas Eve

Well, I hope that the card sending, gift making, grocery buying Christmas preparations are behind you now and you have a chance to relax with your family. Maybe you’ll go for a walk around a lake like we did, maybe you’ll visit your friends,…

December 24, 2015
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Ah those crazy last couple of days before Christmas

And everything is pretty well organised and fine 😀 I know the last couple days before Christmas can be somewhat of a nightmare, but the only nightmare round here is the wind! This morning I woke up at 4am from a nightmare where I…

December 22, 2015
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Visiting the Christmas tree barn in Appleton

With this little kitten we weren’t sure about a Christmas tree but then decided to get one after all, and for a Christmas tree, we like to go to the Christmas barn in Appleton. Appleton is one of my favourite villages. It’s on a…

December 17, 2015

Winter colours for a willow wreath

If you can believe it, I slept till 11am this morning. Hooray for jet lag! And by the time I woke up, I only had about an hour with Robbie till he had to leave for the rest of the day. So alone for…

December 11, 2015
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kitten, flycatchers and roses

Oh boy I forgot what it’s like to have a baby in the house. The little engine in his cat brain started up at 4am. He was basically running up the walls, jumping all over the furniture, and up on the windowsill to get…

December 10, 2015