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Channelling my inner garden designer

Today I took a little jaunt to my favourite nursery Southlands for some inspiration.
I so want my garden to look like this:

But the reality is that my garden looks like this:

Oh yes, loads of work.
I worked on the garden for about four hours yesterday and today.
I turned over the soil in the vegetable bed, pruned the roses, and trimmed back some winter damage on an old rosemary. There’s never been so much winter damage on my rosemary before.

It’s been a pretty unusually cold winter for the West Coast, but signs of spring are here.
The peppermint has lovely new shoots.

I’m not sure what’s under the cloche. Looks like weeds to me…lol. But actually there is a dahlia deep in the ground. Hope it’s ok.

Here come some wayward tulips in the raspberry patch. Oh well, the raspberries don’t mind and neither do I.

I borrowed one of those saws on an extension pole from my mom so I can cut off some of these suckers from the ornamental plum. Plums shoot up suckers like no other tree!

The snow drops are in their glory now and I keep forgetting to bring some into the house. (That’s it, I’m postponing this post and grabbing a flashlight and getting some for my bedside table…brb.)

The winter aconites have also just come up in the last couple of days. I don’t know about you guys, but I love winter blooming flowers. I’m not much of a “bleak days of winter” person and winter blooming flowers bring so much hope and joy to me.

There’s a ton of work here in my garden, especially if I want to show it this year again in the Art in the Garden weekend.
But the good news is that, with the new fences, there’s an extra foot of my land on the west side that I never knew was mine!!!
Space for more plants, oh yes.
So while everything is greening and growing…

…I’m going to be poking around my favourite nurseries and studying my favourite books and channelling my inner garden designer.

Morgan will help of course.

And soon the garden will be a thing of beauty.

Comments: 5

  • February 23, 2017

    you never stop ….i wish i had your energy and talent

  • Pondside

    February 23, 2017

    Now is the time for gathering inspiration and the garden centres are lovely to visit as they ramp up for spring. Don’t you love the smell of the earth when you go in? My garden is one step up from non-existent so I am hoping that this year will be the year for some change out there!

  • Susan

    February 23, 2017

    Your garden is showing all the signs of a glorious rebirth! Your Winter flowers are truly inspiring. I have about 6 inches of snow on my property today and will not see spring flowers for a while.. That said, our 67 degree weather is melting the snow. Yes! Nothing better than a visit to the garden center to prep for the upcoming growing season.

  • February 25, 2017

    Waiting to see your garden in full bloom.

  • February 26, 2017

    Oh your garden will be beautiful .. it always is! And Morgan will be only too happy to help. Gosh you have Daff’s that pop up in odd places, my raspberry is notorious for doing that. Your plum tree looks massive V .. those water shoots always reach for the sky 😀

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