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Hello from Sunday night

Oh my gosh! You know how I watch for the first winter blooms.
I’m not a fan of winters and so look for signs of spring the day after Christmas.
So it’s no wonder that I’m anxious for the snowdrops to start blooming. I was so excited watching them every day because the whole shade garden just outside my dining room window is full of them.
Then, this!

My car sunk and grew 6 inches overnight!

There was only one thing to do to drown my winter blues!

And then it rained and rained and rained for days.
But suddenly, the sun came out.

The snow was gone in the city and reduced to the mountains where it belongs, and everything started to wake up.

Yesterday, was the first day that felt like a spring day.

Even Morgan felt it and ventured outside for a few minutes.

I did a little survey of the garden…

…and found the first sweet violet bud.
It’s a small thing, but I can’t wait for the violets. I have a tiny vase which I’ve used for the first violet buds for a million years, so I had to get that out of storage.

It’s time to trim the roses too.
There may have been an increase of roses in the garden.
Oh boy, it might turn into a full-time job soon!
The other day I got an email from Select Roses, my favourite rose grower in the Lower Mainland, who is opening March 17th, and I can’t wait to pick up a new rose.
There might not be room in the garden, but still…lol

How has March come in for you?
It’s come in like a FINANCIAL LION for me!
There’s been car insurance, Chloe’s wisdom teeth removal operation, and a broken, therefore new, kitchen faucet all in three days.

It’s a good thing I grow some of my own fruits and veggies in my garden.

Along with some saved seeds from last year, this year I’ll plant these packets.

And, speaking of bargains, I was at the local thrift and found a bird cage for $10.
Now, keeping birds captive, actually any free spirits captive, is an anathema to me, but the cage has a beautiful structure and I thought it might make a great screen between me and the neighbours if I filled it with plants.
It’s covered in chicken wire zip tied to the original wires.

But look, clipping off the chicken wire showcases the simple, elegant shape.
A small tag fell off of it and as it turns out, it’s a $300 ferret cage!
Don’t you love thrift store bargains?
I hope the vision of birdcage turned into a plant stand works out.
Somehow I think it will.

Did you guys find any bargains lately?
And, how’s the season coming along in your little corner of the world?

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  • March 5, 2018

    I can’t believe your crocuses are blooming already! We live so much further south, and I haven’t found a bloom yet! I like your ferret cage planter idea; let us know how it turns out. xox

  • Susan

    March 5, 2018

    The only life in my garden is tiny green iris leaf tips slightly raised above the soil and lots of buds on my two magnolia trees. March tends to be mud season for me, as the ground is saturated from snow melt and some recent rain. Your crocus and snow drops are beautiful and welcome sights, especially after so much snow. I woke up this morning to a dusting of snow that disappeared as the sun rose. Your bargain cage is a great thrift shop find. I would consider growing some climbing, flowering vines on it. Morning glories and clematis come to mind. Wishing C a speedy recovery!

  • Leah

    March 5, 2018

    Heading to the thrift store to look for anything leather. I am not a good thrifter, too many bad childhood memories of wearing thrift store clothes and getting teased. I love that you think outside the box! I”m trying to climb out of the box, myself.

  • March 6, 2018

    No green life at all in my garden, just brown grass. But I am hopeful. And I got two nice picture frames at the thrift shop this week, but what I am really looking for is a wooden kitchen chair to paint for an art project that has to be completed by I April, and I haven’t found a chair yet!

  • March 6, 2018

    Seeing those snowdrops and crocus makes me smile. We are still under snow at high altitude and will be ’til June. It’s nice seeing blooms in other parts of the country and world!

  • March 15, 2018

    we have had 3 nor’easterners in 3 weeks … after a very, for february, low snow month .. NYC doesnt have a real spring, no, its not very warm here til end of April …

  • March 21, 2018

    Hey V … what pretty seed packets! No idea how I missed this post! Great pics as always. And Morgan Venturing outdoors, how brave 🙂 . I think your ferret cage will look wonderful when you have finished .. hugs

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