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WordPress photo challenge…fleeting moment…and the London Balloon

So many fleeting moments…so little camera-at-the-ready moments! Searching thru my files for this week’s WordPress photo challenge I found this pic.

I remember standing in London, somewhere around Queen’s Gate, looking at this pink balloon. It must have been swept from a child’s hands and pushed by the wind along the road. I remember first catching a glimpse of it between the moving cars. I was fascinated that the balloon bounced out from between the cars and rolled/flew along the rough pavement.

It’s amazing how a little pink balloon can capture the imagination and give hope to spirit in a moment. For me, I suppose, the feeling is grounded in my meditation. One of the first meditations I’ve taught my children is to wrap all their problems with a pink balloon and release it to the universe while silently asking the universe to help.

I stood there staring at it for three more car passes, and then…it did what most balloons caught in traffic do.

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