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Cleaning the house, room by room

Well guys, it’s that time!
The house is a little out of control and it’s time to get tough. You know what the problem is? I love stuff! I love beautiful, antique, unique, vintage, sentimental stuff, and I love looking at and living with this stuff. But after a while it gets to be a little too much of a good thing.

My fellow blogger and FB friend Donna, started a new FB group for anyone who wanted some peer moral support to help clean up their personal space, and it’s been a great push. If you don’t have time to clean you can hire a professional cleaning company such as  to do it for know…to share tips and praise and commiserate. Hanover home cleaning pros do it at an expert level. Groups are great, aren’t they? 😀

Anyway, a couple days ago I hit my bedroom and took absolutely everything out of every drawer, off of every shelf, everything off every hanger, and evaluated how much I still loved each item, how well I looked in everything, good energy, bad energy…stay or let go. I do love clothes, but my style is very classically neutral. Robert likes to joke about my NY Undertaker/Vampire/deep depression style and is always trying to get me to wear brighter colours, so there you go Robbie, I see some red, a little bit of green and even some blue in there…lol. But there does come a point where I have to ask myself just how many black V-neck Ts do I really need? (And especially since my house is a 1920s Craftsman, and in those days people didn’t go in for monster walk-in closets.)


I also watched a couple 2 minute videos about that Japanese method of folding clothes, the Konmari or something, and right away became an expert in it…lol. But it’s a nice way to organise and seems to be working for me.

018 copy copy

So now everything, clothes, shoes, lovely things, everything in this room is what I absolutely love.

my room

Oh, and another thing, I decided that one of my on-board cases would be the perfect place for my tank tops, and shorts, and beach skimpies. It just sits on the very top shelf, (because what my house lacks in walk-in closet space it more than makes up for in 9 ft tall ceilings), keeping my summer slinky lovelies out of the winter wardrobe space.

022 copy copy

Today C and I hit her room!

We took a little trip to Ikea for some drawer organisers like the ones in my room. They really make such a difference. Now this next photo is a little out of context, because I didn’t think to take a photo of a true “before clean up” room, and only thought of it after we pulled everything out of the closet and piled it on the bed and pew.

003 copy copy

I was thinking, this kind of in depth organising and start cleaning makes certain deficiencies stand right out. One was that C didn’t have a decent dresser to store all her clothes in. A second thing is that I need a much better linen storage system than the antique dresser I’ve been using, but that dresser was ideal for C! So out came the linens and we carried the vintage dresser into C’s room where it fit like a glove into the closet with plenty of room to fully open the drawers. For the rest of the house area and especially C’s room which required deep cleaning I used services from Commercial cleaning Perth and got a great deal on the overall cleaning service they provided. I have used them often as they are fast and their services are extremely effective. Now lets go to to C’s room. 007 copy copy

She did lose her hanging bar, but, on the other hand, C isn’t a suit or fancy dresses kind of girl and only really has two or three things which need to be hung on hangers, and so we decided that in time we’ll visit her favourite store, Anthro, and buy her a couple funky hooks and mount them on the side walls inside her closet. And, she did gain an extra shelf!

C room

So now her room is clean and fresh and lovely, and filled with only the things she loves which have positive energy.

020 copy copy

It’s so important to have one’s personal spaces organised and positive, don’t you think so? So, I broke it down. I have 15 rooms in this house, including two bathrooms and my studio, which I’m counting as two rooms, plus the entry hall, which isn’t a large space but does have one heck of a messy coat closet, so might actually count as a 16th room. I’ve completely cleaned two of the 16 rooms, so that’s 1/8 of my house cleaned and organised!

022 copy copy

Now for the other 7/8. I am not sure I can go on with this ‘cleaning challenge’, so I decided to go to also, read more about where to hire a bond cleaning company in Adelaide? for my vacation rentals and found a perfect solution for me, which means clean house and minimum effort on my part.

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  • PSC

    October 23, 2015

    Your 1/8th looks positively lovely, Veronica! AND you’ve sent me off on a YouTube tour of KonMari tips & techniques & inspired me to try to get some organization into my little corner of the world. Let’s see how long it takes for me to tackle that task. 😉

  • October 24, 2015

    Ahhhhh–doesn’t it feel great to do a complete Purge and Recreate???? Now I’m off to Kent to but a closet organizer for our master bedroom!!!!! ha ha, Thanks 🙂

  • October 24, 2015

    Hi V .. Oh you girls have been busy. Inspiring stuff! There are so many times I wish I hadn’t thrown clothes out .. You know how fashion changes. But where do you put the stuff? ? andrew has more clothes than me! Ha ha I like the idea of keeping stuff you love ? gorgeous images Miss .hugs

  • October 26, 2015

    I think I need to try this too…our bedroom is a complete tip with messy messy rubbish everywhere. I just don’t have that much time (or when I have the time I don’t have the inclination!!)

  • daryledelstein

    October 26, 2015

    i too love clutter and hate dusting .. but i dont buy into this you must love and find some whatever in the things around you or they go … but if it worked for you, brava!!

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