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Hello from…what day is it anyway?

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Hello everyone. So it might be Monday morning here in Raincity, but the last few days are such a blur I’ve almost completely lost touch with the calendar.
One reason for this is that I booked our return flights for two different days!
Yeah! No idea what I was thinking!
When we got an email from British Airways inviting us to check in 24 hours before the flight on the 28th, I thought, “Huh? We’re leaving OXON on the 30th!”
Not quite. I managed to book R back on the 29th and me back on the 30th. I’m such a butterfly brain!
So, a hurried phone call to BA, an additional charge to switch, a drop everything and prepare the house for leaving Thursday, a pack everything up evening, and off to Heathrow the next morning.

Of course, this gave us the best fun and the greatest chance to surprise Chloe a day early. 😀

There’s the silliest vintage porcelain cat here. The kids thought it would be funny to add this blue yarn kitten to my growing collection of ridiculous white porcelain cats. It’s great because I love knitting, I also bought a yarn winder when we were at the vintage store. I think that now there may be six or seven of them here. I might have to put a moratorium on the purchase of any more of these silly cats guys! LOL

The flight was relatively uneventful, (I got a woman who could only be described as the village idiot siting beside me on one side, which provided us with endless entertainment), except for the landing. We flew into Van at the height of a strong windstorm; the strongest since 2006. This caused some spectacular turbulence for about the last hour, and major fun for the taxi trying to dodge bits of trees and power outages at intersections. But then we were at home and walking up to the front door, and Chloe open mouthed at having us appear a day earlier. It was so worth it. 😀

Speaking of Chloe, she’s fractured her ankle trying to run an obstacle marathon a couple weeks ago, and looks a bit like Long John Silver in an air boot. We seriously thought about stopping at a costume shop and renting some pirate gear before we came home.

It’s a monsoon out there! The rain has set in and is supposed to last all week. It’s actually really great news after the summer drought and all the wild fires around the province. It’s hard to find the break between the clouds, but when it came yesterday, I went out for some groceries, a little walk and a stop at a local art gallery.

So here we are at home, missing home. The cats are being weird, and Milo won’t even come in at the moment, and it’ll take a bit of time till they find their balance with us back. The garden is waiting and I want to go dig up the potatoes and harvest the rest of the grapes, but don’t really feel like doing that in the rain.

Maybe we’ll just take it easy for another day or two and hunker down in the warmth of the family room and watch movies on Netflix. 😀

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  • September 1, 2015

    Hey V .. glad you managed to get home and surprise Choe! Not good news about her ankle though. Aren’t cats funny .. ignoring you because you went and left them. It must be so nice being back home even though it is raining .. won’t be long and you’ll be outdoors in that garden hoisting out those spuds. Wonderful post and pics as always .. made me laugh when I read about your ‘traveling ‘ companion!

  • daryledelstein

    September 3, 2015

    i am confused … you and R flew home separately and yet arrived at the door to surprise C together … you are magicians!

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