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Hello from Sunday night and the historic WWII RAF Bicester and Blenheim

Hi everyone,
We’ve had a packed Sunday!
So much for our “take it easy Sunday” philosophy.
You all know how we love a good car show. The more interesting cars to look at the better. So today we drove a few miles away to the historic RAF Bicester where a group show is held several times per year.
It’s called a scramble, and anyone who likes to can come show their car.

Bicester is a huge Royal air force base, about 400 acres, and serves as an airfield for the RAF Gliding and Soaring Association. At its RAF WWII beginnings, it functioned as a secret assembly site for huge bombers and, as the war progressed, as a base for Spitfires, De Havilland Mosquitoes, and other warplanes. It was a training site as well as a home for five RAF squadrons, so you can guess the sheer enormous space and importance this place holds.

Now the red brick buildings are listed heritage buildings and function as workshops and showrooms and other such commercial spaces.

And so we came, in a bitter wind which felt like -40 rather than +4, and along with hundreds of people also brave enough to go out in this wind…

…we bought a cup of tea and a couple croissants and walked around the whole grounds viewing the cars.

I really loved seeing all different kinds of cars against this beautiful backdrop.
Here are three Triumphs.

Here is a Morgan driving by and a beautiful TVR (similar to mine) parked up just behind it.

A lot of the old buildings have been turned into car reengineering shops and most were open for us to have a look into. It’s super helpful for Robert to see the older cars because he is at the moment designing mudguard fittings and thinking about windshield/no windshield on Medusa.

A Bently and two Riley bonnets.

Here’s a gorgeous Landi…like mine.

This one is beautiful. It’s a Riley and we figure it’s an early one…maybe 1920-30s. I love the silver hare on the bonnet.

We walked around until the freezing wind got to me and then I left Robbie to look while I went to the ladies and planned to head back to the car.
This whole area had about two toilets and the line-up was 20 minutes long!

So I guess military airforce bases don’t really think about the necessity of ladies rooms. LOL
It turned out that by the time I waited thru the queue, Robert was finished looking around and we arrived at the car at the same time.

One lovely thing about going to Bicester is that we drive right by Blenheim.
Being in the car warmed us up and we thought we would be safer from the wind on the Blenheim grounds, and since the day was so stellar, we decided to have a walk around the palace grounds and pop in for lunch.

We flashed our membership cards and parked up, and walked the 3 mile short walk around and across the river.

That’s us bundled up in our warmest hats!

Look at this beautiful view across the river to the palace.

We saw tons of birds…mostly sea gulls…but still.

I couldn’t stop taking photos in this beautiful, cold, blue, winter light.

Lots of people were on the path today. Lots of people and their dogs.

After our walk, we popped into the palace cafe and had a wonderful lunch. We split one order of roast pork and roast potatoes and one order of penne in a cream and blue cheese sauce with tons of veggies, and after that huge lunch, we split an enormous slice of Victoria sponge cake.

And then!
Then we stopped by the Blenheim shop and bought some clotted cream fudge and some tablet!

It’s a good thing we walked so far today. 😀

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  • January 7, 2018

    Look at you two, bundled up in Canadian Haute Couture!

  • Susan

    January 7, 2018

    Those cars are really spectacular. Beautifully restored to their glory days. I, too, liked the hare — very whimsical. I wondered if this was original to the car or was it owner inspired whimsy? Your entire day looked outstanding. Also, being outside and hiking through scenic grounds never disappoints. Your shared meal sounds to perfection. Hiking combined with cold brisk air builds a good appetite. Your day seemed like an excellent extended B-day celebration. B-day celebrations rule! The more the merrier.

  • January 12, 2018

    When you were over near Bicester you could have gone to Stowe – we used to spend enjoyable days walking around the NT gardens there. You sound as though you had a good day out though!

  • January 19, 2018

    i adore the light this time of year its so brilliant clear bright and your photos are perfect!

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