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Second day back in Vancouver and all hands on deck for an art show!

It sounded like such a fun idea at the time!
My lovely friend Camila, of the NV Arts Council, invited me to exhibit my art at the Music in the Park festival
And I thought, “jet lag be damned!”

So, completely ignoring sleep deprivation at the moment, I put on my best Music Festival dress, hitched my posse into service…

…and headed out to the festival.

This is Capilano River Regional Park and the Vancouver watershed and reservoir. What a glorious park. One of my favourite parks in the Lower Mainland.

And here are the artist’s and maker’s tents.

Robert and Chloe were great. They helped me drag everything out of the car and set up and then naffed off back home to have a rest.

So paintings on display…

…sketchbooks open for inspection and fresh flowers, (thanks to the amazing Clove) …

…and an interactive painting on offer…

…I sat back behind my tables and painted some merlins.

…within a few minutes and festival was open and loads of people started to come by.

Music was playing all day and people were invited to dance.

There was so much to see and do!

I must say that sitting in the pink shade of a red tent is very flattering! I think we should all bring our own pink light with us everywhere we go. 😀

Everyone seemed to love my little birdies.

I got so busy talking to people about my art that soon it was 4pm and the festival was winding down and I hadn’t even popped round to meet any of my fellow exhibiting artists and makers.

Robert and Chloe came back to help me pack up and I left them in charge while I ran around and visited.

Here is some beautiful bead work by Tetiana Zaruba

Look at this beautiful dreamy, creamy pottery by John Winkler.

I really loved these great birds by Elizabeth Austin.

These beautiful plein air paintings by Maria Josenhans took my breath away.

Some beautiful stonework by Jocelyne Dodier. She was so busy with tons of children trying their hand at stone carving. We talked about how I still have my children’s elementary school soapstone carvings. We thought that probably every parent does…lol

Here is some work by Christine Hood of Huges and Co.

This is by Cydney Eva from Pattern Nation.

Cydney also made this interactive art for the children.
Huge clouds of reclaimed material stuffed with balloons. The kids have the best time with them.

So the music played on and the people enjoyed it to the last song.

And then it was time to pack everything and go home.

But before I did, I took a photo of the interactive canvas I had going.
This started as a collage of vintage ephemera with a few outlined birds and evolved in this amazing collaborative piece.
Birdies everywhere.

I really loved being here with all these people in this beautiful park this Labour Day.
Now to catch up on my sleep. 😀

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  • September 5, 2017

    what a great time … and i bet you slept a good 10 hrs that night …

  • September 5, 2017

    Lovely work by everyone and an absolutely gorgeous setting for a festival.

  • Susan

    September 5, 2017

    Sounds like Team Veronica came through with flying colors! I marvel at your high energy, nobody can rally like you can. The park setting provided the perfect backdrop for artisans to display their work.. Clearly, talent and creativity abounds. Love your pink glow… very angelic.

  • September 5, 2017

    Welcome home. I am so fascinated that you live in two countries. Beautiful countries though! That looks like a great festival and what a fabulous way to come home.

  • September 8, 2017

    Wonderful post V. What a beautiful place. And such clever people .. love that bead work. Super shot of Chloe and Robbie .. love that pink look. Hugs

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