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Sunday rest…HA!

Sundays might be meant for rest and a lie-in, HA, not us!
We jumped up first thing and hooned X country to Northhamptonshire and the Santa Pod raceway to be part of the Mini in the Park.

So many pretty cars! (you have to read the “pretty car” part with a Thick Italian Mafia Accent (T.I.M.A.) like the baddie in the Italian Job)

003 copy copy

This began as quite an emotional morning for me, because this is the first mini gathering I’ve been able to go to since the loss of my precious mini. I decided to put on my Dunkirk spirit and look at the beautiful minis and chose the sorts of details I want for my new mini.
Now, reflecting back, I’m so very glad I went.

Oh pretty car! (T.I.M.A.) Really like the leather bonnet straps, the over-riders and the moustache. Not too crazy about the same as the body paint grill.

011 copy copy

Definitely no Spiderman detailing…lol…but love the moustache and the grill.

006 copy copy

Robert got me two beautiful vintage yellow fog lights, so I looked at the placement of extra lights on the various minis.

007 copy copy

This is my most favourite engine, and very close to my engine to be. This is everything a classic engine should be, including the green paint, square radiator, and yellow fan. The only thing is this beautiful engine had a dynamo instead of an alternator. I used to have a dynamo in the old mini, but my mini now will have an alternator.

108 copy copy

A lot of the pretty cars (T.I.M.A.) were grouped in mini clubs and proudly showcased under banners and flags. We’re part of a mini club as well, the Turbo minis, because R and most of our friends try to out race each other with turbo modified engines. This is great fun because one year R has the fastest turbo mini in the world, (maybe only because the other three fast cars were not on the road…but still (he’s making me say this bit because he says it’s suitable humility)), another year one of our friends takes the title. So anyway, where was the illustrious, fastest minis in the world Turbo mini club stand?

004 copy copy

Lol, over there along the side lines, no banners, no flags, just attempting to explode a watermelon with a modified petrol powered apple peeler…as you do!

093 copy copy

While overhead, an old plane did loops and upside down aerobatics.

050 copy copy

Mind you, mini owners, as a group, tend not to take themselves too seriously. I edited a little for this pc blog of mine, but must agree about the modern BMW Minis, (sorry my wonderful neighbours in both countries who love their BMW Minis).


So we had a wonderful time joining in with our gang, we had a little picnic lunch,

102 copy copy

Caught up with our friend Simon…who ran .0458 of a second faster than R and took the crown this year at 13.09 seconds to the quarter mile,

023 copy copy

146 copy copy

watched him race, watched the races in general, the sluggish modern Minis, the funny cars, the nitrous oxide muscle car, the 4.6 second jet car and all the pretty cars (T.I.M.A.)…we watched till late afternoon.

145 copy copy

Then we said our goodbyes and hooned home.

150 copy copy

079 copy copy

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  • August 17, 2015

    Sounds and looks like a wonderful day V. and the weather was kind, brilliant! Thank you for taking us with you amiga, always enjoyable mxx

  • debrashewhoseeks

    August 17, 2015

    Clearly a day of MAXI Mini fun!

  • August 17, 2015

    fun stuff …

  • August 17, 2015

    oh, the Minis are so cute!

  • August 17, 2015

    Beep Beep.
    Seriously boys…. blowing up watermelons when there were so many Minis to drool over.
    Looks like a fun day. xo

  • August 17, 2015

    Well that looked like a fun outing. Those Mini’s are so cute. Neat aerial photos too.

  • August 18, 2015

    wish I were a teeny tiny person and I would drive a Mini. Very cute cars!

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