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Today was a good day

Robert just looked at me, smiled and said, “Has it been your kind of day today?”

I must admit it that it was!

I got to paint all day today. That was a treat. I bought 8 beautiful old maps from ebay. They range from 1928 to 1938 and are printed on something called war substitute paper. I’m not sure what that is because I can’t find a great deal of info about it…except that perhaps it’s not as thick as it would have been ordinarily, but it’s beautiful to paint on. Smooth and linen like.

061 copy copy

I’ve been doing a garden clean up of sorts lately. Trimming and pruning because I won’t be able to do that till December, and so the garden has to keep some sort of order in the meantime, and plants like this glory vine could easily swamp the fence in the next three months.

073 copy copy

Speaking of fence! This is what we think is a stray cat round here. Robert has named him Raymond, (even if it turns out to be a her), but Chloe and I can’t live with Raymond, and so that’s morphed into Raymondo and lately just Mondo. So anyway, we found Mondo sitting on the fence when we came back from a meadow walk, but he won’t come to us or let us get close. This is about as good a photo as I could get of him lately. We’re not sure if he’s a stray or feral. He usually is out in the late afternoon/evenings, we don’t see him for days at a time, he looks us in the eyes, but doesn’t allow us any closer that about 15 ft. Anyone know anything about befriending timid wild cats? We left food out for him, but we’re not sure if he gets it or the other four neighbour cats…or the fat pigeons round here. When we find him we usually sit by and talk to him for a while so he gets used to us. We’d love him to move in like our darling Theo did.

009 copy copy

Here is another elusive thing. It is a British jay. We almost never see these guys because they keep to the woodlands and very rarely venture into civilisation. Lucky us. I think he was after some garden plums because the acorns aren’t ready yet. Think I’ll paint him on the next map.

052 copy copy

The plums are just coming ripe now and so I have to think of a way to preserve a ton of Victoria plums in the next ten days!

082 copy copy

So are the apples. I want to make some crumbles and freeze them. They freeze beautifully, and these cooking apples are so sour. Perfect for a nice, tart crumble with a lovely sugary topping.

086 copy copy

Robert took some time to map the TVR engine today, (this involves computers and a test drive), and I took some photos from my studio. I think it look beautiful, but R thought the colour looked too pink. (that was probably the reflection of the blueish sky.

066 copy copy

Now these are pink! My hydrangeas in England flower so vividly pink. I love them. My hydrangeas in Vancouver flower bright blue and R loves those.

078 copy copy

And, after a full day’s painting, (and not worrying about supper because I started a stew in the slow cooker in the am), I had a drive in my Land Rover over the construction site and then into the meadow.

101 copy copy

I gathered some vintage badges I was saving in Vancouver and brought them for my landi and mini. Do you think the British Columbia Automobile Association would come rescue me here in Oxfordshire? Yeah, me neither. 😀 Thank goodness I have a Robbie to rescue me if something should break. So far so good though. Early days yet in this restoration.

IMG_6584 copy copy

So there you go. A perfect day for me and looking forward to tomorrow.


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  • August 21, 2015

    Definitely your kind of day! Lucky jay to be painted by you.

  • August 21, 2015

    That really is a wonderful day. I love your desk, it makes me want to have a creative space all my own like that, even though I know I’d just end up soon cuddled up again on the couch. 🙂

  • Joan

    August 21, 2015

    So enjoy your posts. And today it was the pics and your affection for Mondo. that touched my heart. I have had the privilege of taming and befriending a few cats that had gone feral. While it took time and patience it was worth every minute and hour of effort. With one full grown tom that had been abandoned and was full of fear, but oh, so hungry, I began to take food with me at a consistent time night and morning when he was apt to make an appearance. I would use a small dish and shake the dry food so it could be heard and also call him. By doing this repeatedly for days, weeks, he began to not only show up, but be waiting. Then I would back away while he ate. Over time I moved the food closer and closer until finally after weeks, he would come and eat at my feet while I sat talking to him. At that point I could touch his back a bit. Even though he backed away at first, in time, he accepted it and grew to trust me. He was one of the most appreciative and loving cats I have ever had. He passed away a few weeks ago after being with me for 17 years. How I miss him.

  • August 21, 2015

    V .. oh wow, what about that car! It looks so damned racy. And I love the colour – not too pink at all. As for that hydrangea .. gorgeous. Wonderful images. I just love that kitty Mondo sitting on the fence. I wonder, could I buy one of those paintings from you?? I would just love to have one. It would mean so much to me. I just love your blog too V. You always make me smile and take me on your daily jaunts and adventures – so very uplifting. What a wonderful life and thank you so much for sharing.! 😀

  • August 21, 2015

    yes indeed , a good day (and I think I have the same kind of apples on my tree). Love the British Jay – perfect subject for painting.

  • August 24, 2015

    my perfect day would be spent reading … and maybe if you toss him some kibble vs approaching him or leaving food others might eat …. toss the kibble and wait .. see if he eats it while you are there … then each time you step a bit closer as you toss it

  • August 25, 2015

    So happy for you! The joy just spilled off my computer screen and onto the table….thank you for sharing. Mondo is gorgeous! Hope that he comes to his senses and realizes he’s sitting on the fence when he could be in kitty nirvavna ;-). Good luck and hugs!

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