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Cygnets in the Thames river Oxfordshire

Two day on the Thames River at Newbridge plus video

Hello everyone,

I’ve spent two days beside the Thames here in Oxfordshire.

We live very close to a special area where the Windrush River joins the Thames at a place called Newbridge.

Newbridge Thames river Oxfordshire

This is Newbridge. It’s called new bridge because it was the newest of three bridges built across the Thames in the 13C. Some say it may be the oldest standing bridge in the country.

Rose Revived pub Newbridge Oxfordshire

On Friday, Robbie and I met some new friends, Ray and Jenny, at our favourite pub, The Rose Revived, for lunch.

We love the Rose. It has some lovely food and the situation right beside the Thames is just so ideal.

virginia creeper leaves turning

We picked out a table under the willows at the river’s edge…

patio under willow trees by a river

…and watched the little minnows nibbling at the trailing willow leaves.

little fish in the Thames river Oxfordshire

The resident swan family has raised three cygnets this year and they were parading them around the narrow boats on the opposite bank looking for a handout.

Cygnets in the Thames river Oxfordshire

Yesterday I spent another day at the river.

Cygnets in the Thames river Oxfordshire

This time I walked down the Thames Path and was hoping to walk all the way down to the Northmoor lock, but decided to turn back when a thunder storm swept in.
I did manage to make this silly video though.

Come for a walk with me. 😀

The Thames river at New Bridge

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  • August 29, 2016

    I love the rain too!
    nothing sweeter than walking in the rain.
    maybe walking by the thames in the rain!

  • September 1, 2016

    i recently re-read ‘To Say Nothing of the Dog’ by Connie Willis one of my absolute favorite writers ..she ‘sort of’ writes sci-fi but its not really .. its more time travel .. anyway she’s a wonderful storyteller and your post reminded of her and that book … check her out

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