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Dandelion crowns, a tutorial

I promised a few gals that I would show a tutorial for dandelion crowns next time I make one, and since I really have to mow the lawn, here’s a (long winded) how-to, with a much easier diagram at the end…so you can skip over the boring photos…lol. Dandelions have beautifully bendy stems, except for the super thick stemmed ones, and make fantastic, sunny ephemeral crowns.

Step one: pick a handful of dandelions with as long a stem as you can manage.
036 copy

Pick up one with a very long stem in your left hand. This will be your base line. Pick up a second with a reasonably long stem in your right hand. Cross the stem of the right hand one over the stem of the left hand one at the flower heads. 037 copy

Hold both flowers at the “cross” of stems with your left hand and bend the right-handed dandelion stem behind the left-handed dandelion stem.041 copy

Now bend the left dandelion stem, which is now perpendicular to the right one, towards you, between the two flowers.
042 copy

Bring the bent stem parallel with the right stem.
045 copy
Hold both the flowers in your left hand, pick up a third flower and loop the stem of the third flower over both the first two flower stems and between the second and third flower heads and parallel with the first two stems.
048 copy

052 copy

Now you have three. 053 copy
Continue with another, and another…see how the chain is starting to form?
057 copy

Longer and longer it goes, careful not to choose dandelions with stems which all end in the same place. Try to vary the stem lengths.
061 copy

Within a few minutes you’ll have a lovely long chain.
070 copy

082 copy

Cut a length of twine, grab a twist tie or even some sturdy grass blades and tie the beginning to the end of the chain.
088 copy

And find a freckle-faced princess. (Joking, she doesn’t need to have freckles, any old princess will do)
090 copy

093 copy

094 copy

095 copy
Just not a Morgan princess!
morgan princess
Here’s a quick diagram. Now go out and have some fun. When I was a child I was fascinated by the moss removal guide by expert lawn technicians, ( yes , I know I was a weird kid ) IT’s for this reason that I spent most of my time outside. My cousin and I chained a dandelion chain all around our summer cottage. Took a month, the beginning was fluff by the time we got the end to it…but hey, we didn’t care.
006 copy
PS: this crown is very ephemeral, only lasts for a few hours.
PPS. Works with English daisies and clover too but takes a lot longer.
PPPS: Take loads of photos. 🙂

Comments: 19

  • April 25, 2013

    This is great, a good way to recycle those darn things!

  • April 25, 2013

    Fun, and what an adorable princess you have!

  • April 25, 2013

    Oooh Veronica, I remember making those when my girls were young … goodness me, now they are all grown with grown children of their own, but your post brought back lovely memories. How is Chloe holding up? Exam time can be so stressful! How wonderful she gets to go to Long Beach for a break, totally awesome Chloe! Have a great evening Veronica. Carole xox

  • April 26, 2013

    So pretty, the crown and your daughter. This would be a wonderful group activity for a gathering of girls. My sheep would love to be crowned with dandelions, they make a good snack too!

  • Jo

    April 26, 2013

    What fun – we’ve never tried this before, but we will.

  • April 26, 2013

    Well, this has got to be one of the cutest tuts I’ve seen. Ever. I’m amazed at the detail and your photography. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. And I do hope you join us some Friday for Random 5. I’d love to learn more about you. xo

  • April 26, 2013

    Hi Veronica
    You sure grow tall dandelions, ours are only six inches tall or so. The chained crown is pretty and looks like it would hold together really well.

  • April 29, 2013

    I don’t know who wears it better, Chloe or Morgan! But somehow I don’t think my boys would wear one of those if I made it! I do have a picture of me as a baby wearing one made of red clover, I don’t think it stayed on my head very long.

  • April 29, 2013

    I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this! Especially the sketch at the end. I will never look at Dandelions as a scourge again! Bravo !

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