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From one extreme to another

Watched the Moto GP race today. As Moto GP races go, this one was a bit tame. No one fell off, there were only a few slight wobbles and one little bump. But if you’re like me and love, LOVE beautiful, sculptural things, you’d love to watch those super bikes move. Like beautiful, brightly coloured gyroscopes coming so close to touching the ground around each corner. After the race I wanted more beautiful sculptural things and so decided to take my Austin Seven mini and Project 17 out of the garage for a photo.

This week I want to get my mini thru its MOT so I can drive it all summer.

Project 17, sleek, turbo, 158m/hr?…even though it’s the most beautiful one of a kind bike in the world, it’s just too fast and scary for me to even try riding. Those kinds of thrills I’ll leave up to R.

But aren’t they the most beautiful things together?

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  • July 15, 2012

    I’d love to have a Mini, preferably used. I can appreciate both these machines not only for their nostalgic beauty but also the people for sustaining them in good working order. Waste not, want not. The saddest thing is the discarding of something that it took workers hard labor to produce. I have a ’92 Honda Accord which I like to keep in good mechanical order because I can’t bear the thought of discarding something created for the next newest thing. I’m not obsessive in this, at least I don’t think I am, only somewhat conservative and sentimental. I always feel sad seeing an old barn collapsing in on itself and a development of new homes nearby. It is a waste of resources to not get the full use of an object paid for by the sweat of those who came before us. Needless to say, I run the wheels off each of my cars before declaring them post-mortem and giving them a proper motorized funeral. Yes, I am eccentric but I do think sustainability begins at home with the way we treat the marvelous material objects we possess.

  • Muddy Kinzer

    July 16, 2012

    Those are awesome! And so shiny…looks like you take great care of them!

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