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Happily ever after at the spa

Hi everyone,
I think this might be a pretty boring post!
No castles, no cathedrals, just little old me here at the spa being immersed in mud and swimming in thermal pools.

Today I had two of my prescribed therapeutic procedures and a foot massage.
First I had an exercise class in a very warm thermal mineral pool in strong jets of bubbles. And then I had a mud wrap, but nothing like you’ve ever seen!

I was asked to strip naked (this is Europe, everyone’s naked all over the place and it’s very normal) and then about four inches of hot (40-42 degrees) clay mineral mud was slathered on a sheet, then I was sat in it and more mud was slathered, and then I lay in it and then more of the mud was dolloped all over my body from my feet to my stomach to about four inches in depth everywhere. Like a Veronica cake. And then, totally immobile with my hands by my side in this thick, goopy, hot mineral goodness, I was wrapped in blankets to sweat.

For 30 minutes!!!! Thank goodness I didn’t get an itchy nose.

They kept checking in on me and wiped my face with a cool cloth, and then, 30 minutes later, I was unwrapped, some of the mud was scrapped off, and I was helped into a shower. The mud was very slippery.

It took ages to shower all the mud off and I still have some under my fingernails. And that’s after three showers and two swims in the pool!

Well, those procedures took till lunch time and I had a lovely lunch sitting in the dining room catching up on my journal.
Each day I try to paint or collage or even just stick in a photograph into my journal this month and a couple days went by so fast that I just stuck ephemera into my journal and moved on. It was great to finally get some pages finished.

Then, after lunch, another swim, massage (the best one I had at Whistler Spa) after and then I hung up my bathing suit on the balcony and walked into town.

This is the view from my balcony. The spa is on a “spa island”.
Seriously, there are several spas here, but all relatively modern. This is the only one which dates to 1912.
It’s amazing to see old photographs of sick people being wheeled in here for their health. I hope some of them recovered. I bet they did.

This is the river Vah which this town is built on. There are multiple mineral springs rich in sulfuric mud here and they all feed this river.

Just across the river is the little town of Piestany.
It’s a very pretty and bucolic place with those beautiful ocher buildings, red roofs and lots of gardens.

And everywhere in town you see reproductions of this sculpture. This has been here since the 1920s. It represents a man who couldn’t walk breaking his crutches over his knee once he became cured by the miracle mud of this special place.

Well that’s all I have for you guys today. There might be two or three more boring for you (heaven for me) days still.
But don’t worry, there are lots more castle in the future.

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  • June 12, 2017

    doesnt the sulphur smell horrible? i hope the mud you were frosted in was odor free … i am giggling over the Veronica Cake … xo

  • June 12, 2017

    It all sounds delightfully DECADENT! Enjoy!

  • June 22, 2017

    Not boring at all .. relax and enjoy! Wish I was there 🙂

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