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Visiting the Bloedel Conservatory

Some days, when one is in a mad rush, it’s important to say, “Stuff this for a game of soldiers” to oneself and stop for more than two minutes together. Chloe and I did just this the other day. We stopped across town in…

April 14, 2015
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Ola from Sunday night, which suddenly turned into a Monday morning

There’s something to be said about bringing the weather with us. But we Vancouverites, what do we care about the rain! We don’t ever bother with an umbrella in a good old West Coast downpour… so a tropical storm? It’s just March lioning it.…

March 16, 2015
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Afternoon break in a hectic day

This little urban park was such a welcome break in my rather full and hectic day. Clover and I walked around and thru it and noticed that the city really did plant an amazing assortment of trees here. This is an old part of…

October 7, 2014
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A river runs

Apparently it’s been a dry and lovely summer here on the West Coast and, while we can still believe that it’s the height of summer, there are undeniable signs of autumn all around. But what do we care about that on a golden Saturday…

September 6, 2014
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Time for one last walk. The Wychwood forest.

Very close to us at West Cottage is a forest called Wychwood. It used to stretch over 180 square miles and was counted as a Royal Forest of William the Conqueror in the 1086 Doomsday book. It’s a mixed forest of pines, beech, oak,…

August 31, 2014
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Quiet days

The world is very liminal today. It’s a grey day here where things can go either way. The river is very still. Robert and I wonder if the river is still because of a storm downstream. Too much water downstream. Is that even possible?…

August 3, 2014
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Messing about in boats

And the Water Rat said: “If you believe me, my young friend, there is nothing – absolutely nothing, half so worth doing as – simply messing about in boats!” (Wind in the Willows) The phone rang. Robert asked, “Would you like to go out…

July 24, 2014
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My birthday and RBG Kew

If you’ve known me for any length of time, you know I love the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew. And you probably also know that it’s my birthday treat is to visit each year. You would probably not be surprised to know that Kew…

July 15, 2014
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Here I am in England! At home.

Look what Robert had waiting for me! But that’s not all. Look what else was waiting for me! This is my new car; it’s a vintage, 1970’s series 3 Land Rover. And it’s MINE! Robbie bought it for me and he and Jason fixed…

June 30, 2014