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June catch-up, in the Okanagan with the littles.

I might just have several random posts hanging in my draft folder from when my great and mighty pc died.
By the way, I still don’t have that pc (under full warranty and at HP headquarters) back yet, and HP is being very unresponsive (except for the social media rant…they didn’t like that at all and stirred their stumps).
No more HPs for me. I think I’ll stick to custom built Acers like all my past pcs.
But I digress. Since there are some random posts hanging about, and since all my family, (as well as me), love to reread the posts and remember the lovely times, I thought I’d get them posted.

So here is one from late June.
Chloe and I drove to the Okanagan to stay with Kerstie, Adam and the littles.

Late June is a perfect combination of green and hot. Not yet too hot, not yet too dry, but that first taste of warm air and cool water which will be the ideal Okanagan summer.

So, while we worked on Chloe’s airstream and helped Kerstie with baby Nate, we also jumped in the lake.

It turns out Ruby is a great swimmer.
She was in there solidly for 2 hours and only getting out to have a pee and then jumping right back in.

And so we spent a few days swinging,

and swimming,

and floating,

and beachcombing,

and swimming…

…and generally having fun 🙂

While baby Nate slept thru it all.

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  • August 3, 2018

    A nice family time. In a lovely place.

  • daryl

    August 4, 2018

    what a wonderful time … i am wishing i was there

  • August 6, 2018

    Oh what a lovely post V! The images are just super .. lazy summer days with the family! And Nate what a sweetie. I never see you at Frog Pond anymore ..

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