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Secrets of the Fisherman’s Wharf

I’m just in from my day on the river. I drove across the city to the delta and, my oh my, the air was warm and still and the sun was shining down on the happy people out on the river walk, warming every slippery, silver heart.

The fishing boats on the wharf sprouted outcroppings of colourful tarps and it was impossible to see the goings from the boardwalk.
And I always have to see what’s going on!

If I had a mast I’d tie a tetherball to it too!

And I’d most certainly dress my anchor with rubber gloves.

027 copy
Sea urchins; 3 for $10. I wanted to buy one and paint it but I settled for a photo.

sea urchins
I wonder if you fold up the tarp after you wash the boat deck so it dries in the sun. I wonder if fishermen think in terms of dry/wet or if there’s some secret language, a series of words, wetness words like Eskimo have for snow, that only fishermen know and use, and they would laugh if they knew this question.

044 copy
Mmm, hot, garlicky, lemony prawns and a green salad for supper. I think so!

shrimp seller
I love it here but now I must go back home. The river is still glittering beside me and I can see my mountains blue and violet in the distance.

The world doesn’t seem so big.

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  • March 10, 2013

    Your imagery wants me hop on a plane and check out your scenery! Never been to Fisherman’s Wharf but I certainly want to visit there now!

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