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Short term, Long term and good luck

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Who else is superstitious? Or maybe I should ask how superstitious are you, because I really believe everyone has some sort of superstition hang-up.

Come on…you know you feel a bit prickly when you spill the salt even if you don’t throw it over your left shoulder…or was that the right shoulder? How about that black cat? Don’t you try to imagine that you saw a bit of white under his chin even if you walk across his path?

I know…right?

I’m probably even worse than you because I support my grandmother’s Czech beliefs that sharp objects (like knives) given as gifts will cut up a relationship so must always be paid for, even if only a few pennies are exchanged. How about no eating birds or eggs on New Year’s Day because all your money for the new year will fly away. Hey, you want to take the chance?

Thought not.

I have to tell you something: Ok, truthfully, I didn’t believe for a minute that there would be a Mayan apocalypse on Dec. 12, 2012, but just so you know, there was a very tiny, microscopic, infinitesimal superstitious part in my brain that said, “Hey, lookie here…it’s Dec. 12, 2012, 12:13 pm and I’m ok!”

Actually I was better than ok. I was skating with my friend Gillian on an outdoor ice rink at Millet’s Farm and we had the ice to ourselves. Boy, that’s one way to remember where you were when you survived the apocalypse…lol.

By now you’re all probably thinking, “Where are you going with this drivel V?”

Well, the folks at Folk Magazine have asked for a second journal entry: What short term and long term goals do you hope to achieve this year and how are your resolutions holding up?

In this post I talked about skating. I also talked about more art, writing, photography and less toxic people. Also redesigning this website and giveaways.

But here’s the thing, I’m so not good with resolutions because I have a no limits imagination. I get too many ideas and the new ideas are better than the old ones and the old ones are amended or even completely thrown out the window. Also, I subscribe very heavily to a personal ideology: “to define is to limit”, so I tend not to define anything; including goals and resolutions because I just don’t want to limit myself.

So my short term goals and long term goals are exactly the same as last year, the year before…etc. More of the same which makes me happy plus a good healthy mix of new zany ideas which grab hold of my heart.

And those resolutions? ¯\_( 🙂 )_/¯ (it’s a shrug) 🙂

Speaking of zany ideas, I’m off to Vancouver in a couple of days and it’ll be time for the first of many giveaways. (just going to sleep off the jet-lag first)

Come on lucky 2013…bring it on!

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  • January 9, 2013

    Fantastic post, Veronica! You pose good questions. Am I superstitious? I would say no, because I really don’t think about it and don’t put too much stock into other peoples’ superstitions. I agree with you regarding your points about not defining oneself and not setting firm resolutions because of their limiting inconveniences. I am, however, turning a leaf in 2013 to carefully write, post, and make public my writer’s goals, keeping personal goals personal 🙂

  • January 9, 2013

    I agree with you about resolutions and goals…but I hadn’t thought about it from the angle of putting limits on oneself…and I like that even more than my reason!

    Superstitions? I don’t hold my life by them, but the one you mentioned about knives? It’s really stuck with me. A friend gave me a set of kitchen knives as a shower gift and we are no longer friends…as of almost 2 years after the wedding. I never give knives…period!

  • January 9, 2013

    Lucky New Year Veronica!

  • January 9, 2013

    I like that shrug and both photographs. I’m probably not superstitious, but I’m a bit of a mystic.

  • January 9, 2013

    I’m not superstitious, but, like you, had that moment where when the “apocalypse” didn’t happen I thought, “So, I’m okay!” And, yes, there was a little part of me that said, “Hey, maybe this latest end of the world is why I can’t find a job” 🙂 But I’m looking forward to this year being a good one (despite the other superstitious lure of it being year ’13, ha!)

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