Sunday whirl…feeling a bit lost today I think

It’s probably unfair to blame some innocent words for this melancholy mood. It’s probably me, not you.


miserable, fuss, wish, go, again, interest
bust, figure, prove, straight, enough, sweet

Her name is Felicity – it means joy
She laughs the way she laughs and leads me inside saying, “Look. We have kittens!”
And points to the basket in the corner to prove it.
She makes me a drink and we sit outside and smoulder in time and the setting sun

“I’ve been thinking about you a lot” she says
and I know what she’s going to tell me will be just another fairy tale like everything else in this place
And even though I know it’s not true I wish she would go straight to the happy ending
I can feel myself sinking like lead while Felicity dances and the sun scorches her spinning steps
I’m falling softer than a snowflake into the icy pattern etched on the window of my youth

This place is batting me back and forth again like a cat playing with a mouse
Laughing, threatening to swallow me whole
And Felicity folds her arms around me and presses her bust into my shoulder and whispers threats and shouts out love
Until I figure the fairytale world is this place and I stand up and shake my head
Felicity says, “don’t fuss” and I sit back down beside her

There’s a lot of interest in this place
I don’t know who measured it or how, but the fact is that at this altitude the stars are fractured
Shining like diamonds against the velvet sky
And me, in my small, miserable world, am sitting on the porch staring at Felicity’s sweet face
And I’m breathing in the hollow ache in my lungs

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  1. Wonderful! Such a vivid picture from the Wordle words… so impressive!

  2. Beautiful photos! I was drawn right into your tale!

  3. Like your story, Veronica. I hope you are feeling better today. Hug.

  4. Well done setting the scene, but I want more, like what is causing that hollow ache in lungs? And why the allusion to fairytale place? Youv’e obviously piqued my interest with the weaving of these words. Really good beginnings,


    • Hi Elizabeth, thank you so much. :) It’s funny, you know. The two people I read it to, one felt it was a love poem about a lesbian relationship and the other, a boy/girl relationship. I felt it was a “going home but not fitting into the family because been gone too long gender neutral”…love type of poem. I love that you encourage me to cary on with this. I think I will. :)

  5. Love those reflections and the phrase “at this altitude the stars are fractured” really lovely–especially since I was just looking at stars in the semi-moonless sky this weekend and enjoying how close they felt–sparkle, sparkle :-)

  6. Your poetry is magic to my soul.

  7. Veronica, nicely set picture. I am now just writing about a visit to my mom in the nursing home. This piece reminded me of that.


  8. Veronica, seems these words have been cathartic for you, a very revealing piece of work, this is. Good night sleep, or whatever, you never lose it as far as I can tell!

  9. Thank you so much for sharing blog it’s very nice to discover a new all the time

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