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Well, we did it to ourselves and today we are so tired, but yesterday we had too much fun! My daughters Kerstin, Chloe, and I had a whole day and night to ourselves. I asked them what they would like to

This blue sky day, perfect for a nice hike at my favourite park Lighthouse Park. Thru the trees, Down the path, And paradise. There's nothing like a blue sky day to chase the gloom of winter away.

Well, what a turn-up for the books! Our rare and lovely light dusting of snow was scheduled for a change. Driving X-town listening to CBC, the words "Vancouver" and "Snowmageddon" were being brandished about on the radio. OMG everyone take cover! Now

Just before Robert's return to OXON, we ran out to the country to pick up a specialty tool for him. And while we were out there, we kept going. We ended up in the quaint little town of Fort Langley

Happy Halloween everyone. As I'm writing this post, tons of children are coming to the door. I live two city blocks east of one elementary school and four city blocks west of another, so the neighbourhood's full of little princesses, ghouls