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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone.
As I’m writing this post, tons of children are coming to the door.


I live two city blocks east of one elementary school and four city blocks west of another, so the neighbourhood’s full of little princesses, ghouls and devils.


I don’t usually have time for carving pumpkins, but I do love to get the Halloween decorations out of storage for this night.
Mostly homemade, mostly subtly creepy, I love the faces of the children who come up the stairs looking ahead at the silent companions and bump their head into the enormous (soft) spider hanging from the front porch light.


These silent companions, a relic of the Victorian era when children used to have these in their nursery, seem to be a big hit with the children and with the parents. I overheard some of the children say that they remembered the companions from last Halloween, and about three parents commented and took photos.


Everyone seems to like the dolls on the rocking chair too. My children think the dolls are creepy to begin with, so why not put them there for the night? I don;t think they frighten the children…


…on the other hand, more than one little princess and ninja looked inside the windows and into the reassuring glow of the living room. 😀


Hope you’ve all had a lovely and frightful Halloween.
I’m about to undertake the post a day NaNoPoblano (whatever) challenge for November, so see you all tomorrow. 😀

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  • November 1, 2016

    A spider brushing my head would have done it for me! But just looking into your golden lit windows would have made me want to be invited inside!

    We had about 75 little visitors ourselves.

  • November 1, 2016

    We live down a long driveway in the country so we only had the one little visitor! I think your spider would have done it for me too .. 😀

  • November 4, 2016

    love halloween … but here in NYC kids go trick or treating within their own apartment buildings or during the day in/out of shops along Broadway accompanied by nannies or parents .. i live in a child-free building so no visitors spooky or otherwise knocked on our door …

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