Here we are at Friday random again!

I feel so bad when I read all your posts and see all the snow! My poor winter-trapped friends (Except for you lucky ones in California, Arizona, Florida…Spain…etc). But for all my Eastern friends, it’s so lovely here and I almost hate to admit it, C and I are hiking the mountains each chance we get. The snow is melting making lovely, fresh, cold streams of pure, clean water. (Don’t hate me, I’ve got spare bedrooms 😀 )

IMG_5823 copy copy

And just as I’m telling everybody how beautiful it is here, last night C comes running into my bedroom saying, “Mom! Mom! You’ve got to come look out the living room window!”
Now that’s random!

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Yesterday, I pulled up to a red light and C shouted, “A CARD!” and jumped out of the car picked the card up and jumped back in again just as the light turned green. We have this fancy that sometimes the universe sends us a little message and that playing cards carry divination messages. I know this is about as silly as healing and energy crystals but…whatever…it’s harmless fun. So according to our silly pet website, the 10 of hearts she found tells her: good luck and success is with her. This is good because here she is studying one of the three 40 page readings for her midterm. (By the way, she’s wearing the iron pyrite stacking rings I made for her. I chose the iron pyrite specifically because it brings vitality, creativity and strength…according to C’s crystal healing book) 😀

What are we like?

010 copy copy

I walked into the kitchen today to see the contents of the cardboard and catnip scratching box ripped up with a great, big hole thru it, right out of it’s holder, and bits of cardboard and catnip all over the floor, with one satisfied Morgan sitting in the narrow box.

Morgan 1
Box 0

002 copy copy

So who can study while there’s a hockey game on, and if it’s the gold medal Olympic women’s hockey being streamed on CBC TV…and you have to be on the internet studying anyway…

Well, C’s face was priceless watching the last period plus the intense overtime, that I took about 70 photos of her. Then I had to make this little one minute movie to entertain you. 😀

Sharing all the random with Nancy.

Down by the riverside

Found myself at the Fraser River in Delta with a couple of hours to kill on Wednesday. This was too good of an opportunity not to make a little peaceful movie. You can find it on the Media Tala Youtube website here: Down By the Riverside
Sorry about the pesky ad. It’s because I’ve used some beautiful music by Agnes Obel.

Here are a few of the images I used:

Finding peace

Yesterday, on a typical rainy and windy Pacific day, I walked down the path to the ocean with a heavy heart, eyes cast down to the soggy path. At one point I looked up and saw fresh green moss. A bit further, the forest opened up to the cliffs and there was the ocean. Often Sometimes I wake up with heartache, especially when I haven’t seen the people I love for some time (R). But then there are moments when the path opens to the ocean and heartache changes to peace and I understand that I can’t have complete control over my life or the things that happen to me. Sometimes I suspect that I can’t even have a very small fraction of control. Those are the times when I give up that burden and feel fresh like the green moss and open up like the path to the ocean, and I know in the depth of my soul that everything is going to be fine.

I took too many photos which I wanted to share with you, so I put them in a little movie.

the link is here:

Finding peace

I hope it helps you to find peace.

Variations on a theme

Wednesday afternoon, magic moment on the sofa.

Today I’m Homegirl, happily watching my daughters figuring out the ukuleles.

Some day, if my girls are ever in a band, I won’t be one of those groupie moms hanging around backstage, black nails, red lipstick, grooving coolly to the jams (what is that anyway?). I’m going to hang out at home, probably with no makeup, in my T-shirt and jeans, and wait for spontaneousness to happen.

Hang on a minute lads…

So, does everyone know we are completely mad about minis?