The fourth day of Christmas, and a walk thru the fields.

Driving back from Oxford over the Thames, beside the Windrush and down to the village, you might be excused for thinking you’re in the Lake District instead of Oxfordshire!

Honestly rain! Enough already.

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There has been so much rain here that the two rivers are swollen and overflowing into the fields, across roads and, it is feared, thru houses in neighbouring Standlake village, which has the misfortune of having the Windrush flowing right beside the village.

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The fields are lakes and walking down the footpath is an adventure.

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Still, it isn’t anything like the summer of 2007 when the flood came into the dining room and, so far, West Cottage has been safe.

One wonderful thing is all that river silt will be deposited on the fields where it will be the best thing for future crops and meadows.

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And, this evening’s sunset, (red sky at night, Sheppard’s delight), holds a promise of dryer days. (I hope)

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Happy New Year everyone. Memories of 2012, a pick and mix from my personal files.
Happy, happy Christmas to all of you my friends on this Christmas eve.


  1. Gorgeous sunset. Hoping West Cottage stays dry.

    • So far so good Sabra! The ground is so saturated it’s like walking in a bog. I think it’s going to be ok though.

  2. Catherine Llewellyn says:

    after reading this i went out for a walk and opened up my senses – walking slowly which was partly due to the sucking nature of the mud – and found a magical little brook running deep and crystal clear – and with a tiny waterfall running under a sculpted fallen log – really beautiful – thanks for once again tempting me back out into nature, which always satisfies :-) X

  3. What a gorgeous sunset!! Thank you so much for sharing that :-)

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