This is a good one…er…two, Vibrant and Silhouette

Ever want to challenge yourself?
I bet you do. I bet you’re just like me.

These Friday challenges are so much more fun to combine than to do individually. Hmmm, Vibrant from Photo Friday and Silhouette from the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.

Vibrant Silhouette…what do you think?

Makes me smile… :) …see?

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Bandits at five-o-clock!
Finally got a quiet moment to write some poetry inspired by the rain and last Sunday's Whirl!


  1. Richert Manjarres says:

    Fantastic image.

  2. nice one! really nice. :-)

  3. Lovely!!

  4. Just perfect for fall…so pretty!

    • Thanks Muddy. It really was a perfect time of day and weather. Lucky me I was in the right place then. (Or maybe it was the chocolate) :)

  5. and just like that, i fell in love with your photo!

    stunning! 😀

    • Thank you Docgelo, you’re very sweet. I love your about page and the photos of your family. You all look very friendly and happy. Now to find some time to read thru your blog. :)

  6. crisp glowing leaves counterpointed by the soft etherial(sp) foggy mist ,and then solidified by the floating tower blocks , really lovely juxtaposition of different fabrics and gravities ….its a good one !! lrx

  7. A beautiful and tranquil picture.

  8. Nice photo. I love it

  9. nice!

  10. Beautiful shot! … courage… discipline… practice… less stuff…. focus… 😉 Congrats!

  11. Very nice combination of vibrant and silhouette. Lovely shot.

  12. Gorgeous…I have not been to Vancouver for so long! It is snowing buckets of snow here today; huge, wet flakes that are making everything look ugly as they half melt and half stay on. Perfect night to stay inside.

    • Oh Raina, it’s too early to snow buckets! What’s the weather planning for a January encore then? Glad you have the chance to stay inside. Nice open fire, nice bottle of wine, maybe a nice bubble bath…hmm…I’m off to a junior hockey game this evening and now I want to stay home.

  13. joyweesemoll says:

    That really works! Gorgeous, too.

  14. I love this Veronica
    I’m having a little wander through your blog before I send your mail!

  15. I love those unexpected juxtapositions of color/neutrals, nature/industry, etc. Wonderful combinations.

  16. What a stunning shot – you’ve captured it all so beautifully, I almost feel as though I am there when I look at your photo :)

  17. This is gorgeous… :-)

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