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What the sign says, a WordPress weekly photo challenge

When I read today’s WordPress weekly photo challenge I had to laugh. I love signs. I have several signs in and around the house. Some inspirational signs I’ve written, some which have been gifts, but my two favorite signs are the brass sign hanging on the front post of my house in Vancouver. It reads, “On this site, Sept 5, 1782, nothing happened”. Robert gave it to me as a reminder that I cause too much daily drama…in a loving way. (Me?) But my ultimate favorite sign is the one in my studio:

008 copy

The Latin motto is “E Pluribus Smart Assimus” and sometimes describes my mood rather accurately.

But then, this is my space. (See?)


And I can stay here till I feel like coming downstairs…or till someone needs something and calls me down…(sigh)


I must send a great big thank you to my friend Diane who took some brilliant photos of her beautiful corner of Virginia and kindly let me save a couple in my files for painting inspiration. 🙂 A little study for you to see using one of your photos Diane. This is a second layer of oils on this little canvas. Tomorrow, if I get back into the studio, I’ll paint some sunlight into the scene.

016 copy

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