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The beauty and the beast at Blenheim

Here’s something!
I learned how to grab a still image from the GoPro movie files!
Prepare to be inundated with more and possibly more interesting photos…lol.

(here’s a GoPro still)

On Monday, Robbie and I jumped into our TVRs and hooned x-Oxfordshire to Blenheim.

The drive was glorious and we expected it to take the usual 20 or so minutes, so we had a great time chasing each other (actually, what it looked like was me in my V6, trying to keep up to R’s V8 turbo charged engine), but then we got stuck in a 15 minute queue trickling into the palace grounds.

By the way, R’s car is called Clara, as in Clara Bow, so I have to stop calling it beasty.

(Hmm, my car doesn’t have a name yet)

So we finally got thru the queue and drove the cars straight into the show grounds, instead of into the parking lots. We didn’t even ask…lol…and looked around for other TVRs but couldn’t see them right away, so we parked up in our car year categories.

As soon as I turned the car off, a little steam started escaping from under my hood.
More gremlins!
This time a bit of a leak somewhere, maybe?

I tried to get Robbie’s attention, but as soon as he parked up, he had a crowd around him! This always happens.

But my pretty car got loads of attention and I saw four people take photos of it within just a few minutes. šŸ˜€
And, just parked up for a while, the car cooled off and the temps came down.

Then the announcer called all older convertibles and sports cars into the central show.
So I said let’s do it!
Robbie said, “really? No.”
But I said “please please please”, and so he did.

Then we went for a little walk and found the TVR club. Now we’re not members of any club, but we asked if we could quietly trickle in and join the other TVRs.
The club people said, “yes, no problem, the more the merrier”. šŸ˜€
I said, “thank you, and, while I’ll trickle in, Robert may not be so inconspicuous”.

So we jumped back into the cars and R blipped the throttle and roared…slowly…into the TVR club area.

Yeah, I see you…and so does everyone else…lol.

So we parked up the cars and I took the GoPro off the headrest and turned around…

And there was another group around Robbie.

Half hour later, and the group just got bigger.

I was getting pretty hungry, so found a near-by tree, spread out our picnic blanket, took off my shoes and sunhat…

…walked back to the cars, grabbed our picnic basket and persuaded R to join me.

Even with no owner there, Clara attracted a lot of attention.

After our lunch, we went for a tour of the show grounds to see the other cars.
We started with the TVRs.
Here’s a beautiful TVR M just like Robert’s, but unmodified.
That’s something. Car club members can sometimes be very purist about their cars and a bit anti modifications, but mostly everyone is friendly and welcoming.

Here’s a yellow S2 like mine.

And here is a classic 1980s wedge.
The thing about the wedges; people seem to either love them or hate them.
I loved this one in this golden colour.

And here is our new friend Barry, who I met thru the TVR S FB group and his lovely S2 Garv.
Isn’t it stunning? I love the black and white contrast.

We toured the rest of the field and I spied my new look!
Love the ruby slippers…lol.
Also, love the VWs

Here is a beautiful mini engine like mine that I’m working on now for my grey mini.

And look at this stunning vintage mini with a complete modernisation.
Kind of cool.

Interesting prismatic paint job.

We walked past the bikers who were all called into the show grounds just then.
Love that one guy’s passenger. šŸ˜€

Then we came across this Batmobile.
Oh people know how to have fun!

A few more lovely cars…

…before we went to get icecream.

Then we walked back to our cars, said goodbye to our new friends,

and raced each other back home.

We each got a metal show vehicle plaque for this year, and just before he roared out, a man came running up to Robert and awarded him the TVR car club mug for the best pre 1980s TVR!
Well, if you can believe that…lol.

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  • Catherine Llewellyn

    August 30, 2017

    Fantastic!! So much fun! and your cars look ultra-sexy-gorgeous X šŸ™‚

  • Robert Frank Gasch

    August 30, 2017

    What a fun ride!!!

  • August 30, 2017

    Oh I know how excited you are about this…. I’ve been to many similar car shows and have even got plaques and awards…. not my cars but belonging to (late) husband. He had a Rover P5 and a Bentley and later a TR7 and an E-type. TVRs are so much fun.

  • Susan

    August 30, 2017

    Congratulations to R for his win. Sounds like you had a glorious day. Racing to and from the show – a well devised, fun filled R and V challenge! I have no doubt that R, extraordinaire, engine modification expert will resolve your vapor/steam issue. I am always amazed to see what people are doing with their car collections. Also, your GoPro photos are outstanding. Love all those beautifully restored cars. Very impressive.

  • August 31, 2017

    did i tell you i dated a guy back in the late 1960s who drove a British Racing Green TR3 … to this day i am still not sure if i crushed on him or the car more …

  • September 3, 2017

    Hey V .. sounds like a marvellous day. Getting there and home sounds like fun! Lots of flash cars .. Congrats to Robbie on his win. Love to know the secret of getting an image off the GoPro .. well done šŸ˜€

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