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Early evening at Sudeley Castle

Drove to Sudeley Castle this Sunday because it was the last the castle would be open until next March, and so my last chance to visit the beautiful castle and grounds for the year.

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It’s such a beautiful drive across the Cotswold hills that lunch at Sudeley didn’t happen before 2pm and that meant that after lunch it was almost sunset for this short winter day.

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Actually, for me, that was the best thing in the world. Those romantic ruins are at their best at sunset with the golden stone and long shadows.

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Other lovely things which happened at Sudeley:

Lunch was fantastic. I asked for my cup of tea with milk and the milk curdled in the hot tea. The lovely Lizzie brought me a fresh cup and a fresh pot and found me some lemon slices.

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Molly brought me my entre; monkfish and prawns in a green curry with sticky rice. She was also lovely and friendly and had the most fantastic sparkly, festive jewellery and I loved her red nail polish with gold flecks. (Note to self: get some red nail polish with gold flecks)

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I met Nick from British Bespoke Auctions and asked him about my always ring. He had a look and said it’s 1930’s 22K gold, made in Sheffield, sold in London. Nice to know something about my precious ring.

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And in the little shop set up in the stables, I bought a couple of tiny but heavy pottery vases, a bar of the most exquisite, handmade chocolate and a sachet of mineral bath salts for the lovely deep soaking tub here at West Cottage.

This was such a lovely Sunday.

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  • December 16, 2012

    Beautiful photos. Yes, I would agree that you had a lovely Sunday. Your blog post added to mine. It is raining slowly here in Atlanta.

  • December 16, 2012

    Beautiful post! I miss you so much!

  • December 17, 2012


  • December 18, 2012

    wow, I could just feel myself relaxing (melting) reading about your day–so glad it was such a happy one! Love those 🙂 And the golden walls of the castle–splenditastic!

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