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Hello from Sunday night

Hi everyone,
How was your weekend? I hope it was lovely and you got to celebrate something special.

I love celebrations. Even just a Sunday morning lie in can be a celebration…which incidentally didn’t happen round here with our three who were up at the crack of sparrows.

But Kerstie had to drive them back home, a journey of 300 miles, so breakfast, a cookie, a quick diaper change and hugs all round and off they went.

Chloe went off too for a day with Bryson, and so I went up into my studio, lit a favourite candle, and settled down to some art.

Now I’ve missed two of our art challenges because of illness and clouds, and I miss them and I always feel very sorry for myself for not being able to join in.

So while I was sitting up in my studio, with my studio companion Morgan by my side, the last two challenges were running thru my mind: Ariane’s Daily and Tammie’s Sticks.

Daily, the daily roads we take, the daily routines I thought, and sticks. The only thing I kept thinking of were pick-up sticks. You know? The game children play. Pick-up sticks.

Pick-up sticks of roads. The daily commute, the game of it all.

And I was thinking of the miles between Robbie and me right now, and between me and my children and grandchildren, between my art challenge friends, and, not to be all maudlin, but it makes me feel very lonely and sorry for myself up here in my studio.

It seemed like such a lot of work to put this image together, but once I got into my thoughts it came naturally. Every piece of paper, every brush stroke found its place.

And suddenly a kingfisher came to life…quite possibly to re-route the daily, to fly thru the tangle of sticks and make a straight path to where we want; to the perfect place.

So here we have daily pick-up sticks. We may be a week or two late, but we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and make some art. And tomorrow’s another day. đŸ˜€

I’m not missing, and so looking forward to our next art challenge at Stefanie’s. Check in with our Rose Ariane for the schedule and come join in if you can. You’re always very welcome to.

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  • January 30, 2017

    Great use of maps. In a beautiful way the roads cover what’s underneath. – eric

  • Susan

    January 31, 2017

    Your grandchildren are precious. Spending time together is wonderful. You have a great family. Distance can sometimes be hard, but there will always be another time together very soon. Love your artistic inspiration. Morgan looks happily content in the Studio with you. Think Spring, I am. Couldn’t help rescuing an African Violet today at the grocery store. It will thrive in my kitchen.

  • February 5, 2017

    What an excellent work!!! I like it very much!!!!!!!!!

  • February 6, 2017

    shake off the loneliness with art .. brava … this weekend brought a pre-birthday lunch with excellent friends .. two who are soul ‘sisters’ and one bio sister … long leisurely lunch with lots of conversation and some photo fun ..

  • February 10, 2017

    Oh you are amazing! So clever ? I just love this. Oh when I was reading this I was thinking of you in your studio .. it must be very lonely sometimes V. You must miss your man terribly! Thinking of you ..

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