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So…to market with jet-lag is such NOT a good idea

You know, I really can eat lovely, fresh potatoes with butter every day, but it’s probably not a good idea waist and hips wise.

So, running some errands with C and getting back into city life meant a trip to the market.

I have this really bad habit of not writing lists.

Every time I need to remember something I move my “always” ring from my left hand to my right where it bugs me and I remember. That doesn’t work so well for groceries though, and especially when you have a butterfly brain like mine.

What did we need again?

Oooo, look at that beautiful pumpkin…we need some for the autumn…don’t we?

Wait…look at the rich colour of those aubergines against the whiteness of that cauliflower! Wouldn’t they be a pleasure to look at in a basket in the kitchen?

Wait…we don’t need aubergines…what is it we needed again?

Oooo, we really do need that perfect cabbage!

No…I’m pretty sure we didn’t come down for hand-knitted sweaters.

But what a stellar day in Vancouver!

Lunch…that’s what we need…

…and a little quiet time eavesdropping on the “boy’s club” below.

Bread! We need bread…and eggs…maybe some nice cheese, some ham…and that perfect little gem of a pumpkin.

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  • September 14, 2012

    I’m so jealous!! I love farmer’s markets and that looks phenomenal. Very glad that you are enjoying such delicious, fresh food–think of me when you’re eating that perfect squash…:-)

  • September 14, 2012

    I’m with Sarav. Think of all of us while you enjoy your fall harvest. Here in Hawaii, we always have a vibrant farmers market, but our seasons are quite looser than on the Mainland. Sometimes it is a treat to have to wait for the right season to enjoy things.

  • September 14, 2012

    C is beautiful and looks like you.

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