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Wellness, what to do when you just need quiet

Our lives are so lived out loud, don’t you think so?
I’ve been thinking about this lately.


What do I do first thing in the morning when I wake up? I turn on my phone pretending like i want to see what time it is, but then turn on the emails to see who emailed me. There is a daily video or photo from Chloe in Japan. Hey, grab the iPad so the video looks bigger, better, louder…then, grab the computer, must answer those emails…and so my day begins.


It’s barely 6am and already the loudness has begun. Not good.


Yesterday I baked up a batch of my gluten free granola listening to a CBC podcast of an episode of The Vinyl Cafe. Usually I love this podcast and laugh along with the story but today it felt too loud. Then off to yoga where the session included music and a singing bowl during savasana, (which is the end pose, the corpse pose, a time to meditate, sink into the ground, let each muscle go), Usually this is lovely, but today it was too loud and I couldn’t still my mind. Usually I take savasana to do my grounding meditation, to visualise my hand reaching joyfully up to the universe and pulling the silvery light down thru me and into the Earth, and the Earth sending golden light up thru me into the universe. But nothing came. The studio was not still, my mind was not still. My mind was full of plans and scenarios and to do lists.


That’s when I realised that my life has been too loud.
So, how to quiet things down?

Here are some strategies I’m trying out today:

1. Meditate first thing in the morning. Never mind what time it is, the phone can wait. Spend five, six minutes grounding, or focusing on breath. Push all thoughts away. Return to the breath.

2. Before opening up the computer, time five more minutes. Five minutes of rest, of staring into the ceiling, out the window, just delay the on-line for five. Do that each time.

3. Set an on-line limit. One hour, half hour, only in the morning, twice per day? What ever works, set a limit. Get stuff done in that time frame.

4. Create space before a reaction. Stop, think, then speak.


5. Simplify your life. On line, unfriend if it feels right, unsubscribe to anything annoying, loud, repetitive or if it makes you feel guilty or jealous. At home, block calls, turn things off, (media, appliances and lights) you probably don’t want to turn off the fridge, but how about the coffee machine which only gets used in the morning, or the microwave which has that brilliantly blue LED light? Declutter. And I should talk, but I’m working on it.


6. Don’t watch the news! Just don’t do it. It’s probably nothing to do with you anyway, and the important information will filter in from everywhere (sidebar on FB, your radio station in the car, people talking at the coffee shop). The noise never stops, so don’t add more of it on purpose, and, believe me, if you did miss something, there will be 20 million channels available for you to catch up.

7. And finally, reflect. Journal, draw, write morning pages, keep lists, take the noise out of your mind and put it down on paper.

There, peace at last.

Now lets get on with our calm day. 😀


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  • November 8, 2016

    Fabulous ideas, I need to work some of these in to my schedule.

  • November 8, 2016

    I apparently am not the music lover that the rest of the world is!
    everywhere I go… and I mean EVERYWHERE… there is music not just playing…
    but BLARING.
    we try to go out to eat and have a lovely discussion across the table and usually cannot hear each other.
    we speak louder. everybody in the place is speaking louder to get over the LOUD music and the even LOUDER people.
    whether you shop for groceries… it’s THERE.
    when you eat (and notice I don’t say dine) out…
    or even if you sit waiting for the movie in the theatre to start…
    in the doctor’s office … in the HALLWAYS of the building where the doctor’s office is! …
    WHERE is MUSIC NOT PLAYING???!!! aaaggghh!!!
    at the stoplight waiting for it to turn… every car is playing it to the hilt.
    I have to make peace with it. it’s here to stay. but Oh. Good. Grief.

  • November 8, 2016

    Love this post? Nice tips?

  • Judy

    November 8, 2016

    What a beautiful sentiment. Your idea for meditation is inspiring. This may be the way to do it. Thank you.

  • November 9, 2016

    Hi Veronica, definitely feeling a bit jangled this morning. Your beautiful images soothed my mind and spirit. Thank you for continually sharing your artistic talents and gifts. Very much needed and appreciated. Love your meditation visualization too. Hugs <3

  • sue

    November 9, 2016

    I can relate to this. great tips. and lovely photographs

  • November 9, 2016

    I have such sympathy with this and intend to heed your advice, especially after the news today, when indeed everything seems too loud. Take care of yourself.

  • November 11, 2016

    Well, I see we are somewhat kindred spirits, Veronica. I’ve decided to unplug for awhile. Social media is toxic, the news loves to report anything bad happening anywhere, and many people are so woe is me I need to get away from them. Why must people project so much catastrophe instead of living in the moment? I guess it’s human nature, but it doesn’t do anybody any good. I like the sunlight and shadow, textures and shapes in your photos. I see someone looking at me!

  • November 14, 2016

    i feel like your cat .. i need a bag to hide in

  • November 16, 2016

    You gorgeous girl .. I so get this! Some days scream at me. The noise is too loud. My thoughts, the radio .. People. I love listening to nature though. Declutter, reflect. Gorgeous pics V .. Thanks for this wonderful post.

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