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The challenge word is “forward”

And my answer is children.

My children and your children.


Today we were given drink boxes, fruit bars and cookies at a conference downtown and Chloe’s first thought was of finding someone needing food and handing them out.

Chloe never walks past with her eyes cast down. She sees and touches and does her best. No one is invisible to her. No one is on the fringe.

The world will move forward with people like her in it. She and her generation will go far to eradicate racism, homophobia, hatred and fear and live responsibly as stewards and not lords of the earth.

And, if Chloe has anything to say about it, no one will ever eat shark fin soup with a clear conscious knowing they did their part in the mutilation and drowning of helpless animals.

That’s forward to me. You go girl!

Photographed especially for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge…Forward

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