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Using the smallest brushes


I don’t think I told you.

There is the most wonderful exhibit at Kew in the Shirley Sherwood Gallery of botanical paintings by Rory McEwen.

I didn’t know very much about him prior to viewing the exhibition, (isn’t that the way it always is?), but boy I came away, again, in awe and tears. (Tears because you can never take me to a gallery without Kleenex. I get so moved by the art; especially if I find it amazing.)
Robert bought me the book for a birthday prezzie and I haven’t been able to look away since.

So fuelled by the rest of my rosy chocolate birthday cake and inspired by the beautiful, complex watercolour McEwen paintings…

005 copy

…I picked up some porcelain shards which I found in the fields after heavy rains a few years ago…

013 copy

…grabbed my travelling painting box and the watercolour brushes I keep in my studio here, and decided to do some studies with the thinnest brushes I have.

I wanted to do something with these lovely luggage tags I got from Kew and so decided to see how the paper would react to my watercolour pencils.

006 copy

First I sketched out and painted the biggest blue shards.

009 copy

And then the small blue ones and the brown one.

018 copy

Boy this takes some discipline, and please don’t look too closely because I certainly didn’t get the exact dimensions, but this was a great exercise for me in using very fine brushes because I usually paint with larger brushes.

I certainly have a huge amount of respect for McEwen’s art. It must have taken him hours and hours to paint in each fine brush stroke.

By the way, does anyone else collect beautiful little shards of pottery or porcelain? I love to. I keep dreaming of one day learning a little bit of silversmithing and encasing each lovely shard in a silver frame and making a bracelet. How cool would that be? I also have about three jars full of beach glass. Wouldn’t a blue beach glass and silver bracelet be fantastic? Especially if the glass was various colours of blue from the lightest aqua to the deepest cobalt. (sigh) How that would sparkle and glow….One day. 🙂

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  • July 16, 2013

    I love the small things that inspire you to paint. The tag with the blue shards painted on it is my favorite! Very nicely done and so jealous of your talent!

  • July 17, 2013

    Veronica, I LOVE little brushes!! Couldn’t wait to see what you did, and you did not disappoint 🙂 Very impressed with your detailed painting–and when you make one of those bracelet’s with blue or green (or both?!!!) sea glass, I’ll be first in line with my wallet at the ready….:-) Thank you for all the beauty

  • July 19, 2013

    With all your talents I’m sure it would be a snap:-)

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