A small window on Sunday

at Whole foods

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beach 2

at the beach

It’s been one of those warmer West Coast days where we didn’t even mind not getting a table inside the Whole Foods and we happily sat outside with our lunch. Boy have we been lucky this fall and into winter with plenty of sunshine so far. Gosh I hope I don’t jinx things. :) (got my fingers crossed while I type this just in case)
Went for a walk and Chloe was determined that we should walk thru the dog walk part of the beach and past the SPCA. Chloe visits the SPCA web site on a practically daily basis trying to convince me that we should adopt a dog. This time there is a one year old malamute up for adoption and, while my heart is melting, I must be the logical one here and say only if she figures out how and makes preparations for the dog accompanying her for her year in Japan after she graduates university, before we adopt him. (sigh) Kids don’t play fair…do they?
Back at home and the sun was already starting to dim, I sat down to write my Sunday whirl and C sat down to write the beginning of a philosophical argument about transitivity and psychological continuity. :? Some of these phil arguments are tough to wrap your head around. So I lit the first fire of the year in the fire place. I forgot how wonderful it is to sit beside an open fire. It sure makes the writing easier. :)

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  1. It’s been a gorgeous day here on the West Coast,hasn’t it? We went out on the water with friends this afternoon. Sparkling water and sunshine can’t be beat. We’ll enjoy it all while it lasts.
    Your fire makes for a cozy scene.

    • It really has Lorrie. I’m glad you got out on the water. I’d love to get in a kayak still this year but don;t think I’ll manage. :)

  2. Gorgeous! My kids and I are desperate to adopt a puppy but not sure we are ready for the comittment.

    • I know the feeling Robbie. Right now I just can’t because I spend too many months in England. But maybe one day again. :)

  3. So nice to adopt a doggie! What a pretty weekend, perfect for a walk. Lovely images, thanks for sharing. Have a happy Thanksgiving and week ahead!

    • Nooo, I can’t do that Eileen. I spend months away in England and it wouldn’t be fair to the doggie. One day I hope, when my life settles down and I grow up enough to know where I want to live for the rest of my life. Maybe then. :) Thank you so much for visiting thought. :)

  4. Yes nothing like a roaring fire : )

  5. such a comforting cozy photo

    • Aw, thanks Daryl. I love the last one of funny Morgan. C wasn’t having fun though…those phil papers are so tough mainly because you can really argue yourself into circles. Continuous memories constitute personal identity vs relationship to past selves constitute personal identity…arg!

  6. I do love the roaring fire. It’s time to start one up here in my fireplace, too.

  7. I’m whispering in your ear, “Adopt. Adopt. You won’t be sorry.” We rescued a Great Dane a year ago this month. He’s such a great companion.

  8. We had our first fire of the year on Sunday too!! well, we are so in sync. ;-)
    She is going to Japan for a year! that is awesome (exciting and a little nerve wracking on the mum no doubt) wow, what an opportunity.
    I hope your weather continues to give you pots of gold sunshine to wander through as the season goes on.

  9. Your photos are wonderful!! :)

  10. What a lovely fireplace! I wish we had one in our house; it makes for cozier days (and reading).

  11. i have 4 big dogs and couldn’t imagine life without them – dirty floors, sloppy dog blankets and all. :)

    thanks for finding my spot and leaving a comment. really appreciate it.

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