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I used to climb years ago. I loved the stone and heights and sunshine and open spaces. No high tech walls with routes and coloured stones really existed then, (at least not in my neck of the woods). But then,

I’ve been thinking a lot about happiness lately. About what gives us moments of contentment and joy. I suppose I’ve come to today from a rather worn-down, divided too many ways, not enough sleep, too much stress place, and so

Hello everyone, exciting things are happening here. :) So much has happened this week and I have so much to tell you! Robert and I cooked up a surprise for Clove several months ago. R planned to be in Canada for the spring

Another perfectly wonderful day in paradise. The day dawned bright and sunny and warm. The euphoria I'd felt after coming to the place could almost rival the time when we'd taken vacation rentals in st augustine florida for their famous beaches. We